Development Partner Institute (DPI)

The Development Partner Institute (DPI Mining) imagines an industry deeply connected to the values of tomorrow’s generation: transparent and fair, equal and inclusive, and a genuine partner in global development.

DPI Mining is an international coalition of ambitious leaders from across the global mining ecosystem. This coalition includes people from all walks of life. Anyone interested in or impacted by mining is welcome — communities, indigenous people, investors, governments, civil society, and companies — including miners, suppliers, and consumer product companies. DPI Mining is committed to a future where the contribution of mining to economic and social development is truly maximised.

We are a young, growing and globally diverse organization. We are hungry, plucky and ambitious. We see this as a strength. We have an innovation mindset. We believe in exploring new ideas, experimentation, demonstrations, piloting and yes, sometimes failing - in order to reach successful solutions and new ways of operating. We acknowledge that fairness and justice in mining means that we create the opportunity for people to come together, each having an equal seat at the table. We value brave conversations.

We do things differently by employing a whole-of-value-chain approach in our work, bringing together stakeholders from the entire mining ecosystem to effect meaningful change through our pilots and initiatives. In keeping with our culture and philosophy, we are a lean, agile, global organization. We have team members in Australia, the UK, Canada and the United States (where we are registered). We have Board members from Botswana, Canada, the UK, the United States, and Australia. We have associates and supporters across the world.

DPI’s Pathway to Impact includes programs focussed on Mining and the SDGs, and the Mining Research Battlefield, which brings together leading academic research with mining innovation. Our exciting flagship program, the Responsible Sourcing Coalition (RESCO) launched in September 2021 - visit to learn more.

Development Partner Institute (DPI)

Would you like to partner with us?

We welcome partnerships from industry associations, chambers of commerce, and other relevant industry bodies. If you’re interested in developing a partnership with us, please contact us.