Sponsor & exhibitor frequently asked questions

Find out the answers to frequently asked IMARC sponsor and exhibitor questions.

Question: What are the benefits of a virtual EXPO?

While we love in-person events, the current circumstances don't allow for people to meet face to face from all over the world or even all over Australia. But our industry continues, and more than ever there is a demand from the mining sector for information, experience and partnerships with innovative technology and governments.

One of the best features of virtual events is that it allows you to go global easily. Get your product shown in front of a worldwide customer base without the extreme cost of attending trade shows overseas. Virtual events are easier for attendees to join because there is no travel involved (particularly international) and there is no minimum space requirement, so you can fit as many as you’d like. Come one, come all, from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

At virtual events or virtual exhibitions, reporting and analytics track every move an attendee makes. You know how they came, where they went, what they did, with whom they chatted, what they tweeted, which videos they watched, etc. On the lead nurturing front, you can even run analytics on content located in the event. By knowing how many attendees viewed and/or downloaded a piece of collateral, you can tailor your future content and conversations around the content that your qualified leads found valuable.

Virtual events and virtual trade shows have longer lifespans than their physical counterparts. What does that mean? Where a physical conference might last 1-2 days, a virtual conference can have as many live days as you’d like. IMARC Online content remains online, live for 12 months post event.

Virtual events make it easier for attendees to interact with each other and sponsors. Attendees can now create their own online profiles, interact in event-wide group chats, and engage in value-packed conversations with other participants. Additionally, electronic business cards can be swapped with just a keystroke.

IMARC Online connect our industry, provide high quality content, help you generate leads, provide face to face meetings and live networking all in a digital environment.

Question: How will I know who visited my Virtual IMARC Online EXPO stand?

Post event, IMARC Online will provide a post event report covering the following elements -

  • # of Registrations
  • Demographic Attendee Information
  • Session Registration
  • Post-Event Survey Results
  • # of Leads
  • Session Feedback
  • Social Media Engagement and Reach

Question: What will my IMARC Online package include?

Our IMARC Online team will work with you to create a bespoke package based on your objectives.

The Virtual EXPO and Sponsorship package include opportunities to share your expertise, connect with current and potential new clients from all over the world and allow you to meet LIVE and present both Live and on demand content.

Click here to request more information and discuss bespoke package options.

Question: What assistance will you provide in setting up an Online EXPO?

Our IMARC Online Concierge will walk you through the process of setting up your exhibit and preparing your staff to maximize your exposure, lead-generation and ROI from the event.

Your Online EXPO stand will include;

  • Choice of colours, scheme and decorations in line with your chosen package
  • Ability to add branding logos, pre-recorded videos, company profile, downloadable brochures, team listing and much more

There will also be an opportunity to design a bespoke stand at an additional cost, the IMARC Tech team would need a minimum 4-week lead time to ensure completion on this for you.

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Question: What are IMARC Online LIVE EXPO hours?

IMARC Online LIVE Expo hours are times when we open our EXPO to all event attendees to meet and view the IMARC Online EXPOs across the platform.

During this time, your team can interact via face-to-face instant meetings on your stand and chat to current and potential customers instantly!

We will also work with IMARC Online Exhibitors to pre-record some LIVE cross presentations that EXPO attendees will have the ability to watch in the EXPO entrance.

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Question: How will I generate leads and meet the right people at IMARC Online 2020?

IMARC Online profile: As a Sponsor, or Exhibitor you will have access to your own Concierge who will help you set up your online company profile and EXPO stand to ensure the Visitors can see your company overview. The Concierge and IMARC Team will help walk you through the Dashboard, Online EXPO and profile to and help you create your own meeting schedule.

Inbound: Your EXPO page will list your team members and their areas of expertise. Each person visiting your booth will see their available times for meetings. Before and during the event, attendees can request a meeting, which you can then accept or decline.

Your company will be able to add On Demand videos, brochures, company information and product overviews to help visitors to the EXPO understand your business.

You exhibitor dashboard (a collaborative interface for your company and team) helps you edit your availability, view the requested appointments, and assign them to the appropriate sales representatives.

Outbound: You have access to the list of registered attendees before, during and after the event. You can search in different ways (via the search bar, tags, filters, and sub-filters). Artificial intelligence suggests the most relevant attendees for you to meet (according to your profile, your search criteria and your actions on the platform). You can target and pre-qualify the attendees and prospects you want to meet ahead of time and request to have an appointment with them at the event.

Whether the request is accepted or declined, you are notified via a push notification and an email or you can work with your IMARC Concierge to confirm them as well.

Question: What opportunities are available for networking?

The IMARC Online platform hosts a live chat room during each session where users are able to ask questions, make comments, answer live polls and chat.

Delegates, also have access to a meeting service through which they can arrange face-to-face video calls with event participants.

There will also be daily virtual networking sessions, speed dating and much more.

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