CST has been studying metrology for mining applications and engineering innovative solutions for over 35 years. CST scales represent an engineering approach to achieving the highest possible accuracy in each induvial circumstance.  

CST individually engineers each project to properly suit customer needs and find the best possible accuracy outcomes. Manufacturing all takes place in CST factories in Australia by specialised, qualified staff. CST’s success has been its focus on developing the technology to bring high accuracy weighing to critical, high value material weighing applications.  

CST has strong business relationships with global mining companies such as BHP, RIO, Oz Minerals & Glencore and has worked with companies in diverse industries from agriculture, quarries, waste management and ship loading.  

CST not only makes long-lasting, reliable, rigid weigh frames, it also has some of the best control software on the market to enable accurate stock management and process efficiency.

CST recently won the Queensland Mining award for best new product with it’s launch of the IntelliRoll, a fully contained, self-generated scale within a roll. Intellirolls are able to be installed in hard-to-reach places without the use of external wires. Connecting to a sites PLC system the IntelliRolls data can be monitored and collected from control or via the free app on any smart device. Intellirolls can be used singularly or in groups to increase accuracy and can be used in concert with weightometers to collect extra data streams for confirmation of the success and efficiency of processing.

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