In 2021, the FOXI group of companies (“FOXI”) noticed an increase in the number of opportunities within the domestic and global natural resources sector. FOXI has its roots in financing alternative, complex and large-scale investments and has taken an interest in the mining and natural resources sector. As such, FOXI Resources Pty Ltd (“FOXI Resources”) was established as a member of FOXI to pursue these opportunities.

The mining and natural resources industry is established and well-developed, however the investment market is growing increasingly more competitive and complicated. FOXI Resources seeks to leverage the industry’s existing strengths while delivering funding solutions that address the ever-evolving financial landscape.

FOXI Resources owns mining and quarrying operations in Queensland, Australia and Arizona in the United States. The company is actively exploring and negotiating opportunities across Australia, Canada and the United States to further expand operations. When developing, establishing, and managing mining operations, FOXI Resources typically acts as a full funding partner under a joint venture partnership and seeks to invest in projects at all stages of the mining lifecycle.

FOXI Resources invests heavily in mining infrastructure in addition to providing end-to-end funding to promising mining projects. FOXI Resources is interested in establishing refineries and funding companies that service the mining and natural resources sector including companies that specialise in drilling and exploration. By refusing to restrict activities to specific projects and investing in the industry’s support services, FOXI Resources is able to provide benefits not only to its investors but to the industry as a whole. FOXI Resources hopes to contribute towards the creation of a more sustainable mining and natural resources industry.

On a longer-term basis, FOXI Resources is working on developing strategic relationships through global initiatives that involve building strong foundations of trust with governments and institutions. As an example, FOXI has had an ongoing relationship with influential government personnel in the People’s Democratic Republic of Lao (“Lao PDR”). Through this relationship, FOXI and, by extension, FOXI Resources hope to partner with Lao PDR to introduce major national infrastructure projects including projects in the mining and resources sector. Not only will such projects provide a long-term boost to the local economy in Lao PDR, but they will be established and operated with sustainability as a fundamental principle.

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