Technofast has been providing innovative and economical bolt tensioning solutions to industry around the world from its Australian base for some thirty years. The company’s Products utilize hydraulic power for applying the high forces needed to correctly tension bolts and shafts and have been fitted in a wide variety of applications around the world. Industries using Technofast’s products include Mining & Quarrying, Oil & Gas, Steelmaking, Shipbuilding, Power Generation and Agriculture.

The company produces both bespoke and standard designs for clients. Our engineering staff utilise state of the art drawing and 3D modelling packages to design Technofast’s unique fasteners. This digital approach to design allows the virtual models to be effectively assessed for performance before any prototypes are made and tested. The method is efficient, allowing significant reductions in overall size of components with resultant economic benefits, as significant cost reductions can be achieved, thereby resulting in savings for clients.
The use of Technofast’s products is intrinsically safer than methods of torque tightening such as hammering and the use of wrenches of all kinds. The Technofast direct tension method provides a highly accurate means of tensioning as it does not rely upon overcoming friction between fastener components to achieve target loads.

All components are produced using modern CNC machines, ensuring that exceptional quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Certified alloy steels are typically used for these to ensure toughness and durability. Products can also be finished with a variety of surface treatments to suit environmental conditions.

Technofast has in place a well proven ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System to ensure that exceptional product quality is maintained. The company currently has certification for supply under NQA-1 certification to the Korean nuclear industry and has also manufactured to exacting standards such as the American NRC 10CFR50 Appendix B for nuclear applications in The USA, Other Certifications and approvals, such as DNV, Lloyds or ASME Standards can be met by Technofast as required.

We improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety on-site. Our leading product, our hydraulic bolt tensioner is the standard for Technofast: innovative design that improves workflow, saves time and money, and transforms how you work.

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