Collaboration, Engagement & Sustainability

Creating and delivering shared value

In a world of growing concerns around health and safety, the environment, climate change, people and community engagement, and overall sustainable mining principles, the mining and resources sector has a greater requirement to focus on ensuring transparency and sustainability across its operations.

As an industry that can have a significant impact on the environments and communities in which it operates, mining is becoming more and more susceptible to public scrutiny; especially when it has also been labelled as an essential service. This trend has been further highlighted by investors’ increased calls for greater transparency around a Social License to Operate (SLO) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives to make better decisions about their investments. Whilst gaining a social license to operate has become an ever-important factor for mining companies, so too has the overall legacy of mining and its impact on the communities long after mine closure.

During this period also, questions about how mining and resources can engage with indigenous and local communities, how we it reshape industry reputation across society, how researchers, government, Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) companies can collaborate with miners for better social outcomes, and what cooperation looks like, are all concerns for the sector; on top of the health and safety of its own people.

Collaboration, Engagement & Sustainability is an overarching theme that will be addressed throughout all sessions during the conference, however, there will also be dedicated sessions that look Health & Safety, People & Culture, Sustainability & Transparency, Community & Engagement, to name a few.

IMARC Online will also continue its commitment to diversity, ensuring its program and speakers is diverse and inclusive.

Collaboration, Engagement & Sustainability Presentations

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