Carol Chen

Carol Chen


Global Lubricants Marketing Vice President

Carol Chen

As Global Lubricants Marketing Vice President at Shell, Carol manages a diverse team of over 140 people operating in more than 80 countries. 

With a passion for keeping ahead of the ever accelerating digital transition, Carol champions teams to review smart data systems and strategies, personalized targeted marketing and customer-centricity to continue to change the way their business communicates and maintain growth across all lines of business as they lead the path through the energy transition.

With 20+ years experience in P&L, brand building, business strategy, full commercial acumen and multi-cultural team leadership, Carol has built high performance teams in 4 different regions: Greater China (based in China), North American (based in Canada & US HQ), Asia Pacific (based in Singapore) and Global (now based in London HQ).

Carol joined Shell in 2014 and has since focused on 3 key pillars that contribute to their ever growing success, firstly the critical role that global lubricants play in keeping the world moving while ensuring this is achieved through more and cleaner energy solutions and by continuously reducing their carbon impact, secondly Carol has an unwavering view on the importance of digital transformation and the role of smart data, and third she is an ambassador for gender equality, striving for a more balanced future where women have the same opportunities and influence as their male colleagues.

To achieve these goals she is continuously looking to professionalize our marketing capabilities and upgrade their team capability through building, developing and empowering people to reach their full potential.

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