Chris Novak

Chris Novak

Centric Mining Systems

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Novak

Chris Novak began his career over 35 years as a field exploration technician and as a surveyor in Northern Ontario. He has since worked at mine sites around the world in a variety of roles. After being challenged countless times to complete what should have been simple tasks around data management, Chris began developing new solutions to address this problem.

After teaching himself to develop software, Chris started creating custom solutions for the mining companies he worked with, focusing on enterprise data management and metals reconciliation.

Chris Novak was an early trailblazer of the ‘digital mine’ movement, with an intense entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. Although the digital mine concept met some initial resistance due to its disruptive nature, Chris persevered and eventually began his consultancy in the late ’90s. 

After years of solving challenges for his clients, Chris started his own team to develop a commercialized Mine Information Management Platform, which is now used by thousands of mining professionals all over the globe, every day. Centric Mining System has now been in operation for over 20 years.

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