Dirk van Soelen

Dirk van Soelen

Dyno Nobel

Vice President Initiating Systems Technology

Dirk van Soelen

Dirk van Soelen is the Vice President of Initiation Systems Technology at Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL), the parent company of Dyno Nobel – a global leader in commercial explosives and blast design. 

Dirk holds Electric & Electronic Engineering and MBA degrees, and has been working in the explosives industry for 19 years.  His experience includes senior technical, compliance and operations leadership roles, such as the Executive of Technology and Compliance for AEL Mining Services and Chief Operating Officer for DetNet South Africa. Dirk also served as a director on the board of DetNet, a world leader in the development of electronic initiation systems.

Specialising in leading and managing change in technical innovation, Dirk’s current projects focusses on the development of new initiation systems suited for automation and integration into centralised management information systems, creating safer and more efficient blast outcomes.

New technology development continues to change the way Dyno Nobel is delivering practical innovation on the ground to exceed customers’ expectations and improve the safety and efficacy of our industry.

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