Francisco Malta

Francisco Malta

Aderco International

Managing Director, VM Industrials

Francisco Malta

Francisco has a long history in pioneering new territories and commercialising unchartered business opportunities globally.

His strong problem-solving and relationship-building skills were honed in the financial markets in the 90s, where he quickly became an influential Forex and Options broker with major brokerage houses in London and Milan.With his vast network and experience, he founded his own brokerage firm in Switzerland in 2002, servicing institutional clients across the Euro and Russian derivatives markets.

Moving from the financial markets to the fuel industry in 2014, Francisco found his interest in oil and passion for chemistry perfectly suited launching a new venture in fuel additives. Today his company VM Industrials distributes Aderco, an industry-leading environmentally sustainable fuel additive to mining, shipping, fuel specialist and State Government clients Australia-wide.

The introduction of this new product was initially met with considerable reluctance and posed challenges in the Australian marketplace. But with his tenacity, knowledge of the product and forward thinking, Francisco has been able to convert reticence and deliver consistent value to his clients.

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