Jaime Galvez Delgado

Jaime Galvez Delgado

Peru Government

Minister of Energy and Mines, Ministry of Energy and Mines

Economist from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. He has served as Vice Minister of Mines. Previously, he served as Director of Territorial Budget Articulation in the Ministry of Economy and Finance; and as General Director of Mining Promotion and Sustainability in the Ministry of Energy and Mines, among other positions in the public sector. 

He has played a prominent role in promoting policies and standards in the mining sector to facilitate the execution of the portfolio of mining projects and guide companies interested in investing in Peruvian mining. He also stood out for his participation in the Vision of Mining to 2030 promoted by the Center for Convergence and Good Mining and Energy Practices -Rimay. He has developed consultancies to accompany the technical group for the implementation of the Technological Roadmap for mining suppliers.

In the private sector he has held the position of manager, with 20 years of experience in social responsibility and management of sustainable development projects in leading mining companies. The emphasis was on strategic management aimed at strengthening the institutional image and the continuity of operations, through the creation of shared value and conflict prevention in the areas of influence.

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