Jeff Sterling

Jeff Sterling

Universal Field Robots

Managing Director

Universal Field Robots Founder and Managing Director Jeff Sterling is a mechanical engineer with over 35 years' experience. Jeff has a proven track record of delivering value gained from his extensive mining and metals industry domain knowledge. He has strong business development expertise, and is highly skilled in projects involving robotics, automation, EPCM, processing and project management.

Universal Field Robots was founded to bring to market economic outdoor robotics solutions to reduce exposure to hazards and address shortages of labour for dirty and dangerous jobs. Jeff wanted to create a robotic product with potential applications across a wide range of industries, that was within a viable price range for all types of consumer. Jeff leads a dedicated team of mechanical, mechatronics and robotics engineers who have developed software to fully enable autonomous control of all their machines’ functions. Utilising advances in robotic physics simulations, the team can digitally prototype the ideal solution before proceeding to real-world testing.

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