Joan Krajewski

Joan Krajewski

One Planet

President & Founder

Joan Krajewski

Joan Krajewski is the President and Founder of One Planet LLC, which assists public and private sector businesses to bridge to a sustainable future. Embracing sustainability is an opportunity to drive value. One Planet, LLC invests heavily in understanding the social and environmental impacts of multi-sector businesses and delivers blueprints and implementation assistance to realize successful outcomes that engage stakeholders.

Prior, Joan was the General Manager of Safety, Compliance and Sustainability at Microsoft Corporation where she leveraged evolving technology for 14 years to successfully meet the challenges of constant change in regulatory compliance, product safety, and sustainability throughout the value chain. She also held roles as an environmental and regulatory Chief Counsel to American Airlines and law firm environmental Partner representing technology, oil and gas, mining and transportation businesses.

Joan is a frequent speaker on sustainable supply chains, responsible sourcing, sustainable development, and use of information and communication technology to increase the value and sustainability of products and operations.

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