Kieren Moffat

Kieren Moffat


Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Kieren Moffat is a social scientist committed to helping companies and the communities they work alongside build deeper, more constructive relationships.

Working within CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, Kieren Moffat's team and himself developed a robust, science based approach to understanding social licence to operate. In 2019, they spun this science out of CSIRO to create a new company - Voconiq.

Kieren leads the Voconiq team, drawing on their experience conducting social licence research in 11 countries with more than 75,000 community members. In all of this work, they have given voice to communities that don’t often have one, translating their experiences, concerns and aspirations into a language that their customers can understand and use to engage communities on the issues that matter most to them. For their customers, real-time quantitative social performance data means they can stop fighting fires and start realising the potential in their local relationships.

Kieren and the team built Voconiq on world class science, publishing strongly to redefine what social licence to operate does and can mean, the relational mechanisms that underpin it, and ensuring their methods both reflect the dynamic nature of these relationships and build trust with the communities they work with. Kieren prouds that his team and himself were awarded the CSIRO Excellence in Research Ethics Award in 2015, reflecting their commitment to doing good work the right way.

Voconiq, and the Voconiq Local Voices service, is now working to give voice to community members all over the world. Their mission is to support more constructive relationships between communities and the companies that work alongside them, utilising world class science and technology solutions to enable a deeply human outcome - stronger relationships built on trust. 

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