Kyle Jarrett

Kyle Jarrett

Anglo American Metallurgical Coal & IMARC Next Gen Participant

Mining Engineer

Kyle Jarrett

Kyle Jarrett looks to connect with people that are interested in the future of the resources industry.

People who see and are excited that the way we do things IS going to change extremely rapidly in the next 20 years. In the way the industry conducts work, the technologies utilised, and the way the industry presents to the general public.

Kyle always open to new ideas, discussion, and to putting in the extra mile to learn something new.

Without being scared of taking on challenges - be it new locations, new work methods, or new roles. Kyle's career has thus far spanned various sites across Australia, and a year long study exchange in the USA. He's excited for where he may wind up next.

Kyle believes that the brunt of all values can be traced back to integrity and authenticity - and he aims to collaborate with like minded individuals who allow himself to expand on these as their company build the future of mining. 

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