Megan Kropp

Megan Kropp


CHPP Manager, Mount Pleasant Operations

Megan Kropp

I am an experienced Process Engineer with over 15 years’ experience, the last 10 of those in the coal industry. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Minerals Processing) and have worked in various capacities including Business Improvement, brownfields process optimisation, Greenfields start up and have worked across both owner-operated and contract sites.

My strengths lie in working with numbers, identifying patterns, looking at the big picture and identifying opportunities for operational and strategic improvement. I am comfortable with querying processes and practices that I don’t understand and feel that seeking constant information and knowledge is imperative to understanding my role and how it impacts the company and project I am working with.

In my experience, I have delivered on numerous projects and have been involved different stages. I draw on my experience and apply my skills to a project in order to achieve positive outcomes. I possess transparent communication and quality liaison skills and I build strong working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

My comprehensive and practical approach, supported by working knowledge through varying roles, has continuously expanded and developed my skills throughout my career, ensuring the highest standards of integrity and professionalism whilst capitalising on opportunities to improve business process towards operations and project success.

All of the skills I have obtained from my previous experience equip me as a proven successful leader. I take things on board quickly and actively try to seek more experience in varied roles to build both professionally and personally. I have found that I work well across multi-discipline teams and am able to identify opportunities where processes can be refined or improved. I tend to look more at the big picture and especially in a planning sense am very conscious of keeping an eye on the impact of any change that is made to other processes. 

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