Miguel Palomino de la Gala

Miguel Palomino de la Gala

Peru Government

Ambassador of PerĂº in Australia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru

Miguel Palomino de la Gala has lived in Canberra since December 2015, with his wife Teresita, and, after four years, feels like a true Canberran. 

Since his arrival, he has worked hard to strengthen relations between Australia and Peru: in 2018 the Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement was signed in Canberra and came into effect on 11 February 2020. He is a career diplomat and lawyer and holds a Bachelor of Laws and Political Science and a Bachelor Degree in Arts and International Relations. His particular field of experience is multilateral policy, sustainable development and energy. He has worked in a variety of roles in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Russia and Spain, as President of the Bureau of the Adelboden Group on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Mountains, at the United Nations as Chairman of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development, and as the Minister of Energy and Mines in Peru.

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