Stacy Hope

Stacy Hope

Women in Mining UK

Head of Global Outreach

Stacy Hope

Stacy Hope is a PhD Social Anthropologist with over twelve years experience working on gender-responsive programmes, climate resilient municipalities, ASMs, and sustainability within international development, the extractives sector and large scale infrastructure in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Recent roles with the EU, IADB, UNDP & Kenya Red Cross included designing, implementing and conducting multi-donor and multi-stakeholder programme evaluations, training and research. Special expertise: in assessing, managing, interpreting and applying various policies within the IDB, UN, IFC, AfrDB, and EU. Areas of engagement include, but not limited to: extractives industry, infrastructure, climate change, risk assessment and management, gender, biodiversity, sustainable livelihoods and food security, and indigenous and human rights policies.

Stacy Hope offers special expertise in 1) board-level dialogue; 2) community relations; 3) on-the-ground research and field experience in East Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia; 4) strategic analysis to local, national and transnational agencies; and 5) private-public sector relations.

Extensive knowledge of: IFC Performance Standards, the Equator Principles, IDB Operational Policies, OECD Guidelines, ISO Standards, the European Bank (EBRD) Performance Requirements and the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) sustainability reporting framework.

KEY LABELS: Qualitative & Quantitative research, nonprofits, government liaison, mining industry, policy, human rights, gender indigenous land rights and laws, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), project management, SPSS. 

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