Stefan Vollgger

Stefan Vollgger

Rock Mapper & Geodimensional

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Vollgger

Stefan's early professional roots are in Mechanical Engineering (1999-2002) followed by many years in the field of Geosciences (BSc until 2007, MSc until 2010, PhD until 2015 & Post-doc until 2018). All research carried out during these years was strongly focussed on structural control on mineralisation (ore shoots) and fluid flow in the crust.

Prior to commencing a PhD and Post-doc at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), Stefan was working as a geologist for mine-IT. In total he has been active in the field of mining geology for almost 20 years and exposed to various ore deposits types such as orogenic gold, intrusion related gold, V(H)MS as well as iron ore, halite and pegmatite hosted lithium.

During all these years Stefan has developed strong skills in the spatial analysis of geological data, especially lithogeochmical and structural data from drillholes (using Leapfrog Geo).

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