No other online mining event this year even comes close to the IMARC Online speaker line-up. What follows is just a taste of the 250+ mining leaders, innovators and experts that are coming to your screens this November 24-27.

Robert Cohen
1832 Asset Management (Dynamic Funds and Scotia Funds)
  • Robert Cohen
  • Vice President & Portfolio Manager
Nigel Slater
  • Nigel Slater
  • EVP Business Development
Clinton McKinnon
  • Clinton McKinnon
  • Product Manager, Digital
Max Luedtke
  • Max Luedtke
  • Global Head of Mining, Aluminium & Cement & Vice President
Eduardo Lima
  • Eduardo Lima
  • Global Product Manager, Digital Mining & Cement
Karina Bader
Acorn Capital
  • Karina Bader
  • Research Analyst
Nicholas Earner
Alkane Resources
  • Nicholas Earner
  • Managing Director
Juli Hugenholtz
AMD Resources
  • Juli Hugenholtz
  • Chief Executive Officer
Warren Pearce
  • Warren Pearce
  • Chief Executive Officer
Lucy McClean
  • Lucy McClean
  • Manager, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania
Jacqui Coombes
Amira Global
  • Jacqui Coombes
  • Chief Executive Officer
Tara Diamond
  • Tara Diamond
  • Director - Operations
Mark Cutifani
Anglo American
  • Mark Cutifani
  • Chief Executive Officer
John Vann
Anglo American
  • John Vann
  • Group Head of Discovery & Geosciences
Rafael Estrada
Antamina Mining Company
  • Rafael Estrada
  • Manager of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Process
Angela Reed
AR Consulting
  • Angela Reed
  • Principal
Gavin Lockyer
Arafura Resources
  • Gavin Lockyer
  • Managing Director
Simon Wandke
ArcelorMittal Mining
  • Simon Wandke
  • Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer
Ballo Boureima
Arrow Minerals
  • Ballo Boureima
  • Country Manager - Burkina Faso
Brian Huff
Artisan Vehicles
  • Brian Huff
  • Vice President of Technology
Victor Aguilera
Aurus Capital
  • Victor Aguilera
  • Managing Partner
Stephen Durkin
  • Stephen Durkin
  • Chief Executive Officer
Giulia Savio
  • Giulia Savio
  • Council for Diversity & Inclusion Member
Harry Turner
  • Harry Turner
  • Government Relations Adviser
Sara Prendergast
  • Sara Prendergast
  • Director & Council for Diversity & Inclusion Chair
Janine Herzig
  • Janine Herzig
  • President
Christine Gibbs Stewart
  • Christine Gibbs Stewart
  • Chief Executive Officer
Michael Helleman
  • Michael Helleman
  • Head, Energy and New Energy Technologies
William Witham
Australia and Africa Minerals Group (AAMEG)
  • William Witham
  • Chief Executive Officer
The Hon. Keith Pitt MP
Australian Government
  • The Hon. Keith Pitt MP
  • Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia
Diana Nelson
Australian Government
  • Diana Nelson
  • Australian Ambassador to Peru and Bolivia, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Fiona Simon
Australian Hydrogen Council
  • Fiona Simon
  • Chief Executive Officer
Javen Qinfeng Shi
Australian Institute for Machine Learning
  • Javen Qinfeng Shi
  • Director in Advanced Reasoning and Learning
Damien McDade
  • Damien McDade
  • Vice President and Head of Pacific
Sophie Spartalis
Bank of America
  • Sophie Spartalis
  • Senior Research Equities Analyst – Mining
Georgina Jones
Base Resources
  • Georgina Jones
  • Group Environment Manager, Toliara
Paul Fowler
Benz Mining
  • Paul Fowler
  • Head of Corporate Development, Canada
Pat Bourke
  • Pat Bourke
  • Vice President Technology
Sundeep Singh
  • Sundeep Singh
  • Group Procurement Officer
Adam Lancey
  • Adam Lancey
  • General Manager, Mt Arthur Coal
Mike Henry
  • Mike Henry
  • Chief Executive Officer
Tony Ottaviano
  • Tony Ottaviano
  • Program Director BHP Operating System & Improvement
Jill Terry
  • Jill Terry
  • Vice President Technical Capability
Mark Frayman
  • Mark Frayman
  • Vice President, Venture Investments
Graham Winkelman
  • Graham Winkelman
  • Head of Carbon Management, Sustainability & Climate Change
Rob Telford
  • Rob Telford
  • Group Health, Safety & Environment Officer
Douglas Porter
BMO Financial Group
  • Douglas Porter
  • Chief Economist and Managing Director
Ignacio Agramunt
  • Ignacio Agramunt
  • Chief Innovation Officer
Fortune Mojapelo
Bushveld Minerals
  • Fortune Mojapelo
  • Chief Executive Officer
Karen James
Business for Development
  • Karen James
  • Chief Executive Officer
Denise Johnson
  • Denise Johnson
  • Group President
David Nagle
  • David Nagle
  • Region Manager – Asia Pacific, MineStar Solutions
Matthew Sampson
  • Matthew Sampson
  • Commercial Consultant (Mining Technology), MineStar Solutions
Mark O'Brien
CITIC Pacific Mining
  • Mark O'Brien
  • General Manager - Digital Technology & Innovation (CIO)
Joe Kaderavek
Cobalt Blue
  • Joe Kaderavek
  • Chief Executive Officer
Gonzalo Ramírez Troxler
  • Gonzalo Ramírez Troxler
  • Project Manager – Electromobility and Energy Transition
Brett Craig
Compass Group
  • Brett Craig
  • Executive Director, Business Development
Shelley Roberts
Compass Group
  • Shelley Roberts
  • Managing Director
Andrew Orkin
Coolon LED Lighting
  • Andrew Orkin
  • Business Development Manager
Clytie Dangar
  • Clytie Dangar
  • General Manager - Commercialisation
Harry Fisher
  • Harry Fisher
  • Senior Consultant, Consulting
Sam Ulrich
CSA Global
  • Sam Ulrich
  • Corporate, Exploration
Sandra Occhipinti
  • Sandra Occhipinti
  • Research Director, Discovery, Minerals Resources
Nicole Adshead-Bell
Cupel Advisory
  • Nicole Adshead-Bell
  • Director
Michael Stockbridge
Dassault Systèmes
  • Michael Stockbridge
  • DELMIA Account Lead, Energy and Materials, Asia Pacific South Region
Michelle Ash
Dassault Systemes
  • Michelle Ash
  • Chief Executive Officer, GEOVIA
Sean Ashari
Dassault Systèmes
  • Sean Ashari
  • Senior Solution Consultant
Andy Mulholland
Dassault Systèmes
  • Andy Mulholland
  • Global Industry Process Consulting Director
Phil Tornatora
De Grey Mining
  • Phil Tornatora
  • Exploration Manager
Don MacDonald
Deepcore Drilling
  • Don MacDonald
  • Chief Executive Officer
Jessica Robinson
Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources
  • Jessica Robinson
  • General Manager, Critical Minerals Facilitation Office
Wendy Tyrrell
Development Partner Institute
  • Wendy Tyrrell
  • Executive Director
Dirk van Soelen
Dyno Nobel
  • Dirk van Soelen
  • Vice President Initiating Systems Technology
Che Wightwick
  • Che Wightwick
  • Principal Database Geologist
Eddie Sugar
EAS Advisors LLC
  • Eddie Sugar
  • Principal
James Harman
EDL Energy
  • James Harman
  • Chief Executive Officer
Owen Hegarty
EMR Capital
  • Owen Hegarty
  • Executive Chairman, IMARC Ambassador
Jason Chang
EMR Capital
  • Jason Chang
  • Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
Dale Mah
Endeavour Silver Corp
  • Dale Mah
  • Vice President Corporate Development
James Canning-Ure
Envirogold Global
  • James Canning-Ure
  • Managing Director
Louise Pearce
  • Louise Pearce
  • Managing Partner, Mining (Global)
Toby Whincup
  • Toby Whincup
  • Managing Partner - Asia Pacific Mining Sector
Amanda Weir
Evolution Mining
  • Amanda Weir
  • General Manager Transformation & Effectiveness
Shae Russell
Fat Tail Media
  • Shae Russell
  • Chief Editor
Mark Player
Flottweg Australia
  • Mark Player
  • Sales Manager & Mechanical Engineer
Alison Terry
Fortescue Metals
  • Alison Terry
  • Director Sustainability and Corporate Affairs and Joint Company Secretary
Greg Lilleyman
Fortescue Metals
  • Greg Lilleyman
  • Chief Operating Officer
Mark Thomas
Fortescue Metals
  • Mark Thomas
  • Group Manager Technology & Autonomy
Rob Grant
Fortescue Metals
  • Rob Grant
  • Director, Energy
Ken King
Freespace Operations
  • Ken King
  • Managing Director & Chief Remote Pilot
Andrew Heap
Geoscience Australia
  • Andrew Heap
  • Chief - Minerals, Energy and Groundwater Division
Michelle Lawson
Glencore Coal Assets
  • Michelle Lawson
  • Financial Controller
Keith Spence
Global Mining Capital Corp
  • Keith Spence
  • President & Partner
Stuart Mathews
Gold Fields
  • Stuart Mathews
  • Executive Vice President Australasia
Richard Butcher
Gold Fields
  • Richard Butcher
  • Executive Vice President – Technical
Alfred Baku
Gold Fields
  • Alfred Baku
  • Executive Vice President & Head of West Africa
Nick Holland
Gold Fields
  • Nick Holland
  • Chief Executive Officer
John Williams
Government of Canada
  • John Williams
  • Trade Commissioner, Mining, Oil and Gas, Consulate General of Canada
Logann McNamara
Government of Canada
  • Logann McNamara
  • Consul and Migration Program Manager, Consulate General of Canada
Andre-Francois Giroux
Government of Canada
  • Andre-Francois Giroux
  • Consul General of Canada, Consulate General of Canada
Mark Boyland
Government of Canada
  • Mark Boyland
  • Director, Industry and Economic Analysis Division, Lands and Minerals Sector, NRCan (Natural Resources Canada)
Bertrand Raoult
Government of Canada
  • Bertrand Raoult
  • Trade Commissioner, Foreign Investment Attraction, Consulate General of Canada
Cameron Mclean
Great Northern Minerals
  • Cameron Mclean
  • Managing Director
Jean-Francois Harvey
Harvey Law Group
  • Jean-Francois Harvey
  • Managing Partner & Founder
Jan Kwak
  • Jan Kwak
  • Managing Director – Australia and Asia
Michael Grady
  • Michael Grady
  • Principal – Digital
Salim Anwari
  • Salim Anwari
  • Senior Engineer – Power Delivery & Integration
Les Richards
Hawk Measurement Systems
  • Les Richards
  • Chief Executive Officer
Anthony Farah
  • Anthony Farah
  • Managing Partner, Innovation Strategy & Ventures, Asia Pacific, IBM Services
Manish Chawla
  • Manish Chawla
  • Global Industry Managing Director, Energy, Resources and Manufacturing Industries, Global Markets
David Dickson
  • David Dickson
  • Partner & Global Industry Leader, Energy, Resources and Manufacturing Industries, Global Markets
Mark Foster
  • Mark Foster
  • Senior Vice President, IBM Services
Tom Butler
  • Tom Butler
  • Chief Executive Officer
Namrata Thapar
  • Namrata Thapar
  • Global Head Mining
Sam Retallack
  • Sam Retallack
  • Head of People & Culture
Andrew Fitzpatrick
  • Andrew Fitzpatrick
  • Chief Geophysicist
Sherene Asnasyous
  • Sherene Asnasyous
  • Conference Director
Mike Jones
Impact Minerals
  • Mike Jones
  • Managing Director
Jeanne Johns
Incitec Pivot
  • Jeanne Johns
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Augusto Cauti Barrantes
Independent Consultant
  • Augusto Cauti Barrantes
Miguel Cardozo Goytizolo
Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru
  • Miguel Cardozo Goytizolo
  • Vice President
John Briggs
  • John Briggs
  • Chief Executive Officer
Florence Drummond
  • Florence Drummond
  • Co-Founder
Sam Spring
Kincora Copper
  • Sam Spring
  • Chief Executive Officer
Susan Mills
Kirkland Lake Gold
  • Susan Mills
  • Processing Manager, Fosterville
Rob McLean
Kirkland Lake Gold
  • Rob McLean
  • Chief Mining Engineer
Wessley Edgar
Kirkland Lake Gold
  • Wessley Edgar
  • Chief Geologist
Angelina Mehta
Laurentian Bank Securities
  • Angelina Mehta
  • Director, Mining, Investment Banking
Hedley Widdup
Lion Selection Group
  • Hedley Widdup
  • Executive Director
Eira Thomas
Lucara Diamond
  • Eira Thomas
  • President, Chief Executive Officer & Director
Michael Hudson
Mawson Gold
  • Michael Hudson
  • Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Gavan Collery OAM
Melbourne Mining Club
  • Gavan Collery OAM
  • IMARC Ambassador
Adrian Beer
METS Ignited
  • Adrian Beer
  • Chief Executive Officer
Ian Dover
METS Ignited
  • Ian Dover
  • General Manager
Alan Dennis
Metso Outotec
  • Alan Dennis
  • Global Senior Technology Manager, Gold
Melton White
  • Melton White
  • Director
Tania Constable
Minerals Council of Australia
  • Tania Constable
  • Chief Executive Officer
Richard Schodde
MinEx Consulting
  • Richard Schodde
  • Managing Director
Jonathon Crosbie
MMG Limited
  • Jonathon Crosbie
  • Group Manager - Closure and Remediation
Doyle Taylor
Monico Inc
  • Doyle Taylor
  • President & Chief Executive Officer
Brenton Armitage
MPC Kinetic
  • Brenton Armitage
  • Executive General Manager – Mining Technologies
Trevor Kilpatrick
MX3 Diagnostics
  • Trevor Kilpatrick
  • Chief Medical Officer
Ian Holland
Navarre Minerals
  • Ian Holland
  • Managing Director
Michael Johnsen MP
New South Wales Government
  • Michael Johnsen MP
  • Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture
Trisha Moriarty
New South Wales Government
  • Trisha Moriarty
  • Director Geoscience Information, Geological Survey of New South Wales, Department of Regional NSW
Chris Yeats
New South Wales Government
  • Chris Yeats
  • Director, Geological Survey of NSW, Department of Regional NSW
Michael Wright
New South Wales Government
  • Michael Wright
  • Deputy Secretary, Mining, Exploration & Geoscience, Department of Regional NSW
Suresh Vadnagra
Newcrest Mining
  • Suresh Vadnagra
  • Chief Technical & Projects Officer
Lisa Ali
Newcrest Mining
  • Lisa Ali
  • Chief People & Sustainability Officer
Dean Gehring
  • Dean Gehring
  • Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Tom Palmer
  • Tom Palmer
  • President & Chief Executive Officer
Chris Beal
  • Chris Beal
  • Chief Executive Officer
Steven Tambanis
North Stawell Minerals
  • Steven Tambanis
  • Chief Executive Officer
Darren Stralow
Northern Star Resources
  • Darren Stralow
  • Chief Development Officer
Craig Hamlyn
  • Craig Hamlyn
  • Technical Manager
Alberto Calderon
  • Alberto Calderon
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Cole
OZ Minerals
  • Andrew Cole
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Richard Holmes
OZ Minerals
  • Richard Holmes
  • Head of Exploration & Growth
Kate Southwell
Pala Investments
  • Kate Southwell
  • Vice President & Senior Legal Counsel
Michelle Delebet
Paradyn Systems
  • Michelle Delebet
  • VP Global Markets
Mitchell Hooke AM
Partners in Performance
  • Mitchell Hooke AM
  • Chairman
Lisa Davis
PearTree Securities
  • Lisa Davis
  • Chief Executive Officer
Rob Tyson
Peel Mining
  • Rob Tyson
  • Managing Director
Miguel Palomino de la Gala
Peru Government
  • Miguel Palomino de la Gala
  • Ambassador of Perú in Australia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru
Miguel Inchaustegui Zevallos
Peru Government
  • Miguel Inchaustegui Zevallos
  • Minister of Energy and Mines, Ministry of Energy and Mines
Dale Henderson
Pilbara Minerals
  • Dale Henderson
  • Chief Operating Officer
Warren Gilman
Queen's Road Capital
  • Warren Gilman
  • Chief Executive Officer
Xuanyu Yang
Queensland Government
  • Xuanyu Yang
  • Senior Trade and Investment Officer, Mining, Resources and Energy, Trade and Investment Queensland
Lex McArthur
RCF Jolimont Innovation
  • Lex McArthur
  • Managing Partner
David Christensen
  • David Christensen
  • Managing Director
Jacqueline Murray
Resource Capital Funds
  • Jacqueline Murray
  • Partner, Investment Team Leader
Tim Goldsmith
  • Tim Goldsmith
  • President & Chief Executive Officer
Stephen McIntosh
Rio Tinto
  • Stephen McIntosh
  • Group Executive of Growth & Innovation and Health, Safety & Environment
Stefan Vollgger
Rock Mapper & Geodimensional
  • Stefan Vollgger
  • Chief Executive Officer
Christine Eriksen
Roy Hill
  • Christine Eriksen
  • General Manager Innovation & Technology
Janina Gawler
RST Solutions
  • Janina Gawler
  • Director
Bas Mutsaers
Schneider Electric
  • Bas Mutsaers
  • Global Strategy, Technology and Marketing Lead
Megan Kropp
  • Megan Kropp
  • CHPP Manager, Mount Pleasant Operations
Robbie Rowe
  • Robbie Rowe
  • Chief Operating Officer
Carol Chen
  • Carol Chen
  • Global Marketing Vice President
Matt Schofield
  • Matt Schofield
  • Partner, Corporate Finance
Deborah Caudle
Societe Generale
  • Deborah Caudle
  • Managing Director, Regional Co-Head Metals & Mining Asia-Pacific
Nick Smith
South Australian Government
  • Nick Smith
  • Director, Energy Programs and Services, Department for Energy & Mining
Alexandra Blood
South Australian Government
  • Alexandra Blood
  • Executive Director, Mineral Resources, Department for Energy and Mining
Benjamin Quijandria Diaz
Southern Peru Mining Cluster
  • Benjamin Quijandria Diaz
  • Project Director
George Hackford
  • George Hackford
  • Lead Impact Strategist, Energy, Power & Resources
Rick Rule
  • Rick Rule
  • Chief Executive Officer
Val Madsen
St Barbara
  • Val Madsen
  • Executive General Manager People
Craig Jetson
St Barbara
  • Craig Jetson
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Aldo Pennini
Strategia Worldwide
  • Aldo Pennini
  • Associate Director
Romina Bratton
Sumitomo Australia
  • Romina Bratton
  • General Manager, Brisbane Office & Deputy General Manager, Mineral Resources and Energy Division
Mark Pope
Sun Metals
  • Mark Pope
  • Executive Director of Innovation
Nicholas Wood
Sunpower Renewables
  • Nicholas Wood
  • Managing Director, New Markets and Head of Business Development
Kalev Ruberg
  • Kalev Ruberg
  • VP Future and Chief Innovation Officer
Steve Beresford
The University of Western Australia & Exploration Radio
  • Steve Beresford
  • Adjunct Professor, Centre for Exploration Targeting
John Krbaleski
Victorian Government
  • John Krbaleski
  • Acting Head of Resources, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
Pablo Schatz
Victorian Government
  • Pablo Schatz
  • Trade and Investment Manager, Latin America, Global Victoria
The Hon. Jaclyn Symes MP
Victorian Government
  • The Hon. Jaclyn Symes MP
  • Minister for Regional Development, Minister for Agriculture and Minster for Resources
Natalia Gorrono
Victorian Government
  • Natalia Gorrono
  • Senior Director Investment & Trade, Global Victoria, Trade & Investment
Melanie Phillips
Victorian Government
  • Melanie Phillips
  • Senior Geologist Minerals Information, Geological Survey of Victoria
Alex Veale
Victorian Government
  • Alex Veale
  • Senior Trade Manager, Professional Services, Global Victoria
Kieren Moffat
  • Kieren Moffat
  • Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Ryan Hanrahan
Wave International
  • Ryan Hanrahan
  • Director
Stacy Hope
Women in Mining UK
  • Stacy Hope
  • Head of Global Outreach
Peter Bird
Zenith Minerals
  • Peter Bird
  • Executive Chairman