Take a look at who spoke at IMARC 2019.

Vicky Binns
  • Vicky Binns
  • Global Resources Commentator
Ben Gargett
  • Ben Gargett
  • Vice Chairman
Martin Knabenhans
  • Martin Knabenhans
  • Global Product Line Manager Automation and Digital - Mining
Richard Marsh
ABB Australia
  • Richard Marsh
  • Mining Sector Lead
Ann Burns
  • Ann Burns
  • Natural Resources Industry Lead, Australia & New Zealand
Mark Newton
Achatayhua Metals Peru
  • Mark Newton
  • Chief Executive Officer
Andre Labuschagne
Aeris Resources
  • Andre Labuschagne
  • Executive Chairman
Alexandra Atkins
Alex Atkins & Associates
  • Alexandra Atkins
  • Managing Director & Principal
Amol Chinchankar
Alfa Laval
  • Amol Chinchankar
  • Mining & Minerals Industry Manager
Andrew Hall
AMC Consultants
  • Andrew Hall
  • Director & General Manager Melbourne
Kate Dickson
  • Kate Dickson
  • Queensland Manager
Lucy McClean
  • Lucy McClean
  • Manager, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania
Warren Pearce
  • Warren Pearce
  • Chief Executive Officer
Remi Piet
Americas Market Intelligence
  • Remi Piet
  • Senior Director, Infrastructure, Energy & Natural Resources
Rob Henderson
Amerigo Resources
  • Rob Henderson
  • Chief Executive Officer
Jacqui Coombes
Amira Global
  • Jacqui Coombes
  • Chief Executive Officer
Adele Seymon
Amira Global
  • Adele Seymon
  • Program Director Future Resources
Olga Verezub
Amira Global
  • Olga Verezub
  • Program Manager/Innovation Lead
Tara Diamond
  • Tara Diamond
  • Executive Director Industry Services
Tom Reid
  • Tom Reid
  • Head of Policy & Public Affairs
Carlos Davila
Anglo American Metallurgical Coal
  • Carlos Davila
  • Head of Strategy, Business Development & Joint Ventures
Tyler Mitchelson
Anglo American Metallurgical Coal
  • Tyler Mitchelson
  • Chief Executive Officer
Warwick Jones
Anglo American Metallurgical Coal
  • Warwick Jones
  • Head of Human Resources
Victoria Somlyay
Anglo American Metallurgical Coal
  • Victoria Somlyay
  • Head of Corporate Relations & External Affairs
Julian Treger
Anglo Pacific Group
  • Julian Treger
  • Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director
Campbell Olsen
Arete Capital Partners
  • Campbell Olsen
  • Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
Mike Brooks
Aspen Technology
  • Mike Brooks
  • Global Director, Asset Performance Management
Ivan Gustavino
  • Ivan Gustavino
  • Managing Director
Keith Barron
Aurania Resources
  • Keith Barron
  • Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Ed Meka
  • Ed Meka
  • President APAC/Africa
Diana Drinkwater
  • Diana Drinkwater
  • Director
Stephen Durkin
  • Stephen Durkin
  • Chief Executive Officer
Janine Herzig
  • Janine Herzig
  • President & Chair
Sara Prendergast
  • Sara Prendergast
  • Director
Melissa Holdsworth
  • Melissa Holdsworth
  • General Manager, Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships
Alan Broome
  • Alan Broome
  • Chairman Emeritus
Christine Gibbs Stewart
  • Christine Gibbs Stewart
  • Chief Executive Officer
Anna Littleboy
  • Anna Littleboy
  • Director
Dallas Wilkinson
  • Dallas Wilkinson
  • Director
Patrick Smith
  • Patrick Smith
  • Director
Kym Fullgrabe
  • Kym Fullgrabe
  • Senior Trade Commissioner Sub-Saharan Africa
David Grabau
  • David Grabau
  • Senior Investment Specialist, Resources & Energy
Nicholas Baker
  • Nicholas Baker
  • Trade Commissioner, Mexico, Central America & The Caribbean
Geoffrey Gold
Australia Indonesia Business Council
  • Geoffrey Gold
  • Chair, National Minerals & Energy Group
Liz Mackinlay
Australian Business Volunteers (ABV)
  • Liz Mackinlay
  • Chief Executive Officer
Matt Canavan
Australian Government
  • Matt Canavan
  • Minister for Resources and Northern Australia
Catherine Raper
Australian Government
  • Catherine Raper
  • First Assistant Secretary, Europe and Latin America, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
David Thurtell
Australian Government
  • David Thurtell
  • Manager Resources & Energy, Department of Industry, Innovation & Science
Karl Rodrigues
Australian Space Agency
  • Karl Rodrigues
  • Executive Director for International and National Engagement
Richard Morrow
Baillieu Holst
  • Richard Morrow
  • Equity Patner
Mark Burridge
Baker Steel Capital Managers
  • Mark Burridge
  • Managing Partner
Audrey Zheng
Bank of China
  • Audrey Zheng
  • State Manager Victoria
Daniil Shcharbunou
  • Daniil Shcharbunou
  • Project Manager
Julie Dinsdale
BELAZ Australia
  • Julie Dinsdale
  • General Manager
Shane Dinsdale
BELAZ Australia
  • Shane Dinsdale
  • Director
Marie Bourgoin
  • Marie Bourgoin
  • General Manager Newman Operations
Jonathan Price
  • Jonathan Price
  • Chief Transformation Officer
Karina Lynch
  • Karina Lynch
  • Production Supervisor
Jillian Terry
  • Jillian Terry
  • Vice President Geoscience
Sundeep Singh
  • Sundeep Singh
  • Group Procurement Officer
James Ensor
BHP Foundation
  • James Ensor
  • Executive Officer and President
Jose Blanco
Blanco Partners
  • Jose Blanco
  • Founder
Carole Cable
Brunswick Group
  • Carole Cable
  • Partner and Co Head Energy & Resources
Jaynaya Winmar
Bunjil Energy
  • Jaynaya Winmar
  • Business Development Manager
Byron Talmage
  • Byron Talmage
  • Functional Manager for Production Systems
Reg Spencer
Canaccord Genuity
  • Reg Spencer
  • Head of Mining Research - Australia
Peta Baldwin
Cannings Purple
  • Peta Baldwin
  • Director - Queensland
Warrick Hazeldine
Cannings Purple
  • Warrick Hazeldine
  • Managing Director
David Paterson
Cannings Purple
  • David Paterson
  • Special Counsel
Archie Koimtsidis
Cardinal Resources
  • Archie Koimtsidis
  • Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
Carl Hendricks
  • Carl Hendricks
  • Chief Engineer
Guillermo Fonseca
  • Guillermo Fonseca
  • President
Malcolm Broomhead
Chairman of Orica
  • Malcolm Broomhead
  • Director of BHP
Alex Dorsch
Chalice Gold
  • Alex Dorsch
  • Managing Director
Mark O'Brien
CITIC Pacific Mining
  • Mark O'Brien
  • Manager of Digital Transformation
Sibasis Acharya
Citigold Corporation
  • Sibasis Acharya
  • Technical Director
Satish Rao
  • Satish Rao
  • Partner
Paul Moynagh
Commit Works
  • Paul Moynagh
  • Chief Executive Officer
Willem Middelkoop
Commodity Discovery Fund
  • Willem Middelkoop
  • Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Shelley Roberts
Compass Group
  • Shelley Roberts
  • Managing Director
Andrew Hely
Concerto Analytics
  • Andrew Hely
  • Director
Ben Adair
  • Ben Adair
  • Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Clytie Dangar
  • Clytie Dangar
  • General Manager - Commercialisation
Bruce Harvey
Critical Resources
  • Bruce Harvey
  • Senior Advisor
Marcus Willson
CSA Global
  • Marcus Willson
  • Manager - Exploration
Mary Mulcahy
  • Mary Mulcahy
  • Director, Education and Outreach
Sandra Occhipinti
  • Sandra Occhipinti
  • Research Director Discovery, Minerals Resources
Robert Hough
CSIRO Mineral Resources
  • Robert Hough
  • Deputy Director
Thomas Grand
Dassault Systemes
  • Thomas Grand
  • Vice President Energy & Materials
Prashanth Mysore
Dassault Systemes
  • Prashanth Mysore
  • Technical Portfolio Director
Gareth Halstead
  • Gareth Halstead
  • SME: Mineral Processing
Bert Koth
Denham Capital
  • Bert Koth
  • Managing Director and Partner Denham Mining Fund
John Mollard
  • John Mollard
  • Partner
Wendy Tyrrell
Development Partner Institute
  • Wendy Tyrrell
  • Executive Director
Daniel Takahashi
DKO Capital
  • Daniel Takahashi
  • Director
Hamed Haghighi
Downer Group
  • Hamed Haghighi
  • R&D Sector Lead - Pavements and Stabilisation, Transport and Infrastructure
Paul Terry
Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific
  • Paul Terry
  • Vice President - Process, Plant & Equipment Technology
Faraz Rojid
Economic Development Board (EDB) Mauritius
  • Faraz Rojid
  • Head of Financial Services
Fernando L. Benalcazar
Ecuador Government
  • Fernando L. Benalcazar
  • Vice Minister of Mining
Michael Wood
Emerging Markets Capital
  • Michael Wood
  • Managing Director
Jason Chang
EMR Capital
  • Jason Chang
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Owen Hegarty
EMR Capital
  • Owen Hegarty
  • Executive Chairman, IMARC Ambassador
Tony Manini
EMR Capital
  • Tony Manini
  • Executive Director & Investment Committee
Louise Pearce
  • Louise Pearce
  • Managing Partner, Mining (Global)
Toby Whincup
  • Toby Whincup
  • Managing Partner Asia Pacific Mining Sector
Tolga Kumova
European Cobalt
  • Tolga Kumova
  • Chairman
Jake Klein
Evolution Mining
  • Jake Klein
  • Executive Chairman
Glen Masterman
Evolution Mining
  • Glen Masterman
  • Vice President Discovery & Business Development
Jan Fuchter
Export Finance Australia
  • Jan Fuchter
  • Director, Corporate, Sovereign & Project Finance
Deanella Mack
  • Deanella Mack
  • Cultural Safety Empowerment Manager
Warwick Grigor
Far East Capital
  • Warwick Grigor
  • Chair
Sarah Liu
Fenwei Energy
  • Sarah Liu
  • Deputy General Manager
Chris Wijns
First Quantum Minerals
  • Chris Wijns
  • Group Geophysicist
Joanne Warner
First Quantum Minerals
  • Joanne Warner
  • Independent Director
Tim Langmead
Fortescue Metals Group
  • Tim Langmead
  • Director Community, Environment and Government
Mark Wallace
Fortescue Metals Group
  • Mark Wallace
  • Manager, Cyber Security and Governance
Kevin McElligott
  • Kevin McElligott
  • Managing Director - Australia
Elizabeth Lewis-Gray
Gekko Systems
  • Elizabeth Lewis-Gray
  • Managing Director
Cameron Cairns
Geological Survey of Victoria
  • Cameron Cairns
  • Manager Minerals Geoscience
Naana Eyiah
  • Naana Eyiah
  • Deputy Minister, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
Michelle Lawson
Glencore Coal Assets Australia
  • Michelle Lawson
  • Financial Controller
Peter Arkell
Global Mining Association of China (GMAC)
  • Peter Arkell
  • Chairman, Managing Director
Paul Stagg
Global Victoria
  • Paul Stagg
  • Director, Trade
Michelle Ash
GMG Group
  • Michelle Ash
  • Chair
Andrew Scott
GMG Group
  • Andrew Scott
  • Vice Chair, Working Groups
Rob Derries
Gold Fields
  • Rob Derries
  • Unit Manager - Innovation & Technology
Stuart Mathews
Gold Fields
  • Stuart Mathews
  • Executive Vice President Australasia
Andrew Whibley
Gold Fields
  • Andrew Whibley
  • Vice President, Technology & Innovation
Richard Goldfarb
Goldfarb Global Gold
  • Richard Goldfarb
  • Geological Consultant
Tim Dawson
Google Cloud
  • Tim Dawson
  • Cloud Partner Growth Lead
John Williams
Government of Canada
  • John Williams
  • Trade Commissioner, Queensland
William Wang
Government of Saskatchewan
  • William Wang
  • Director, Economic Development Division, Ministry of Trade and Export Development
Shoko Arakawa
Grant Thornton Australia
  • Shoko Arakawa
  • Japan Practice Leader
Richard Phillips
  • Richard Phillips
  • Global Vice Chairman and Co-Head of Greenhill Australia
James Morrison
Gresham Resources Royalties Fund
  • James Morrison
  • Managing Director
Hamish Bohannan
Gulf Manganese
  • Hamish Bohannan
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Jeanne Els
  • Jeanne Els
  • Director, Digital, Australia-Asia
Paul Berend
  • Paul Berend
  • Director Advisory, Australia-Asia
Simon Malin
  • Simon Malin
  • Regional Coordinator - Energy, Australia-Asia
Nick Johns
  • Nick Johns
  • Specialist Senior Process Engineer - Lithium
Rob Daw
Hexagon Mining
  • Rob Daw
  • Chief Technology Officer
Stuart Jones
High Purity Quartz Materials
  • Stuart Jones
  • Founder & Board Member
Jon Price
Horizon Minerals
  • Jon Price
  • Managing Director
Paul Bloxham
  • Paul Bloxham
  • Chief Economist Australia & New Zealand
Richard Campbell
  • Richard Campbell
  • Managing Director
David Dickson
  • David Dickson
  • Partner, Global Industry Transformation Leader
Manish Chawla
  • Manish Chawla
  • Global Managing Director, Energy & Natural Resources
Anders Fredholm
  • Anders Fredholm
  • Vice President and Global Business Development Leader
Tom Butler
  • Tom Butler
  • Chief Executive Officer
Keith Ashby
  • Keith Ashby
  • Head of HSEQ and Risk
Sam Retallack
  • Sam Retallack
  • Head of People & Culture
Ian Sandl
  • Ian Sandl
  • General Manager, Exploration
Patrick Mutz
Image Resources
  • Patrick Mutz
  • Managing Director
Sherene Asnasyous
  • Sherene Asnasyous
  • Conference Producer
Binoy Kumar
India Government
  • Binoy Kumar
  • Secretary, Ministry of Steel
Joe Carr
  • Joe Carr
  • Director - Mining Innovation
Florence Drummond
  • Florence Drummond
  • Co-Founder
Jiansong Han
Jiaozuo Creation
  • Jiansong Han
  • Project Director
Pip Darvall
Jindalee Resources
  • Pip Darvall
  • Managing Director
Andrew Drager
Juwi Renewable Energy
  • Andrew Drager
  • Head of Development - Hybrid & Offgrid
Nic Pollock
  • Nic Pollock
  • Chief Commercial Officer
John Lewins
K92 Mining
  • John Lewins
  • Chief Executive Officer
Almaz Abdygalimov
  • Almaz Abdygalimov
  • Chairman
Simon Hitchman
Kirkland Lake Gold
  • Simon Hitchman
  • Principal Geologist
Susan Mills
Kirkland Lake Gold
  • Susan Mills
  • Technical Process Superintendent, Fosterville
Antoine Desmet
Komatsu Australia
  • Antoine Desmet
  • Analytics Manager, Smart Solutions
Garry Povah
Komatsu Australia
  • Garry Povah
  • General Manager Autonomous Haulage Systems Support
Melanie McCarthy
Leading for Success
  • Melanie McCarthy
  • Managing Director
Clive Donner
LinQ Group
  • Clive Donner
  • Founding Managing Director
Hedley Widdup
Lion Selection Group
  • Hedley Widdup
  • Executive Director
Ann Ledwidge
Mako Gold
  • Ann Ledwidge
  • General Manager, Exploration
Peter Ledwidge
Mako Gold
  • Peter Ledwidge
  • Managing Director
Barry FitzGerald
Melbourne Mining Club
  • Barry FitzGerald
  • Resources Journalist
Gavan Collery
Melbourne Mining Club
  • Gavan Collery
  • IMARC Ambassador
Janenie Mohgan
Melbourne Mining Club
  • Janenie Mohgan
  • IMARC Young Ambassador
Campbell Baird
  • Campbell Baird
  • Executive General Manager Mining & Technical
Jason Stirbinskis
Metminco Limited
  • Jason Stirbinskis
  • Managing Director
Peter Clarke
METS Ignited
  • Peter Clarke
  • General Manager Industry Engagement
Adrian Beer
METS Ignited
  • Adrian Beer
  • Chief Executive Officer
Ian Dover
METS Ignited
  • Ian Dover
  • General Manager - Industry
Jani Puroranta
  • Jani Puroranta
  • Chief Digital Officer
Darryl Willis
  • Darryl Willis
  • Vice President Energy Industry
Steven Worrall
Microsoft Australia
  • Steven Worrall
  • Managing Director
Amit Bhandari
  • Amit Bhandari
  • Managing Director
Robert Boutilier
Minera San Cristobal
  • Robert Boutilier
  • Consultant
Megan Davison
Minerals Council of Australia
  • Megan Davison
  • Executive Director Members (Eastern Australia)
Gavin Lind
Minerals Council of Australia
  • Gavin Lind
  • General Manager Workforce and Innovation
Daniel Zavattiero
Minerals Council of Australia
  • Daniel Zavattiero
  • General Manager - State and Territory Relationships
Richard Schodde
MinEx Consulting
  • Richard Schodde
  • Managing Director
Phillip Griffiths
Mining Plus
  • Phillip Griffiths
  • Graduate Mining Consultant
Christine Coonan
Mitsui & Co Australia
  • Christine Coonan
  • Deputy General Manager
Noboru Katsu
Mitsui & Co. (Australia)
  • Noboru Katsu
  • Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Wendy Holdenson
Mitsui & Co. (Australia)
  • Wendy Holdenson
  • Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer
Hans Wahlquist
Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering
  • Hans Wahlquist
  • Vice President Business Development & Strategic Product Management
Andree Roettig
Modular Mining
  • Andree Roettig
  • Director, Data Analytics and Optimization
Lorna Rechichi
  • Lorna Rechichi
  • General Manager Business Services
Miriam Stanborough
  • Miriam Stanborough
  • Group Manager Productivity & Innovation
Elizabeth Croft
Monash University
  • Elizabeth Croft
  • Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Edward Buckingham
Monash University
  • Edward Buckingham
  • Director of Engagement
Harrison Rees
Monash University
  • Harrison Rees
  • Student
Adrian Prendergast
  • Adrian Prendergast
  • Research Analyst
Derek Cooper
Motion Metrics
  • Derek Cooper
  • Director of Global Business Operations
Jeremy Hanrahan
  • Jeremy Hanrahan
  • Product Manager Software
Max Ong
Murray Engineering
  • Max Ong
  • Innovation & Technology Manager
Nick Rees
National Australia Bank
  • Nick Rees
  • Head of Natural Resources
James Buskard
Nevada Exploration
  • James Buskard
  • President
Courtney Dobson
Newcrest Mining
  • Courtney Dobson
  • Graduate Metallurgist
Graeme Hancock
Newcrest Mining
  • Graeme Hancock
  • General Manager Social Performance
Anthony Harris
Newcrest Mining
  • Anthony Harris
  • Chief Geoscientist
Ian Kemish AM
Newcrest Mining
  • Ian Kemish AM
  • Chief People & Sustainability Officer
Michael Nossal
Newcrest Mining
  • Michael Nossal
  • Chief Development Officer
Paola Lasso
Newcrest Mining
  • Paola Lasso
  • Principal, Government Relations and Social Performance Projects
Gary Slater
Newcrest Mining
  • Gary Slater
  • Digital and Data Science Solution Architect
Xiaoling Liu
Newcrest Mining and South 32
  • Xiaoling Liu
  • Company Director
Laura Garran
Newmont Goldcorp
  • Laura Garran
  • Group Executive, Human Resources
Simon Waghorn
  • Simon Waghorn
  • Regional Vice President - Asia Pacific
Chris Beal
  • Chris Beal
  • Chief Executive Officer
Guangda (Ben) Xu
Northern Heavy Industries (Australia)
  • Guangda (Ben) Xu
  • Managing Director
Darren Stralow
Northern Star Resources
  • Darren Stralow
  • Chief Development Officer
Don MacDonald
  • Don MacDonald
  • President & CEO
John Barilaro
NSW Government
  • John Barilaro
  • Deputy Premier & Minister for Regional New South Wales, Industry and Trade
Michael Wright
NSW Government
  • Michael Wright
  • Deputy Secretary, Resources & Geoscience, Department of Planning, Industry & Environment
Dennis Miralis
Nyman Gibson Miralis
  • Dennis Miralis
  • Partner & Criminal Defence Lawyer
Andrew Dasys
  • Andrew Dasys
  • Founder/President
Chris Cawood
  • Chris Cawood
  • Chief Innovation Officer
Sharon Flynn
  • Sharon Flynn
  • Executive Vice President, Head of External Affairs & Social Performance
Mick Wilkes
  • Mick Wilkes
  • President & Chief Executive Officer
Olga Sudnitsin
Olga Sudnitsin Inc
  • Olga Sudnitsin
  • Digital Transformation Director
Miranda Werstiuk
Optimize Group
  • Miranda Werstiuk
  • Vice President Corporate Advisory
Peter Rozenauers
Orion Resources Group
  • Peter Rozenauers
  • Portfolio Manager
Duncan Wyatt
Outotec South East Asia Pacific
  • Duncan Wyatt
  • Head of MP Technologies
Kate Hobbs
OZ Minerals
  • Kate Hobbs
  • Manager Studies, Prominent Hill
Gabrielle Iwanow
OZ Minerals
  • Gabrielle Iwanow
  • General Manager - Prominent Hill
Richard Holmes
OZ Minerals
  • Richard Holmes
  • Head of Exploration & Growth
Andrew Shearer
PAC Partners
  • Andrew Shearer
  • Senior Resource Analyst
Matt Fifield
Pacific Road Capital
  • Matt Fifield
  • Managing Partner
Conrad Mulherin
Pacific Road Capital
  • Conrad Mulherin
  • Investment Manager
Michael Huggins
Partners in Performance
  • Michael Huggins
  • Director
Mark Goulopoulos
  • Mark Goulopoulos
  • Director, Wealth Management
Mark Tomlinson
  • Mark Tomlinson
  • Director, Corporate Finance
Liam Twigger
PCF Capital Group
  • Liam Twigger
  • Managing Director
Tom Collier
Pebble Partnership
  • Tom Collier
  • Chief Executive Officer
Augusto Cauti
Peru Government
  • Augusto Cauti
  • Vice Minister of Mines
Miguel Palomino de la Gala
Peru Government
  • Miguel Palomino de la Gala
  • Ambassador
David Crook
Pioneer Resources Limited
  • David Crook
  • Managing Director
Sergey Lobov
Polyus Gold
  • Sergey Lobov
  • Vice President, Mineral Resources
Chad Gates
Pronto Software
  • Chad Gates
  • Managing Director
Ashley Bosworth
Pulse Mining Systems
  • Ashley Bosworth
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Milan Korbel
  • Milan Korbel
  • Senior Expert, Analytics
Eben van Niekerk
  • Eben van Niekerk
  • Solution Leader, MineLens
Joanie Caron
Qubec Mineral Exploration Association
  • Joanie Caron
  • Project Manager - Sustainable Development Certification
Helen Degeling
Queensland Government
  • Helen Degeling
  • Director Minerals, Geoscience, Department of Natural, Resources, Mines and Energy
Tony Knight
Queensland Government
  • Tony Knight
  • Chief Government Geologist, Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
Steven Turner
Rafaella Resources Ltd
  • Steven Turner
  • Managing Director
Matt Wahlrab
Rapid Alpha
  • Matt Wahlrab
  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Nick Stamatiou
Rapid Alpha
  • Nick Stamatiou
  • Managing Partner
Mark Majzner
Razor Labs
  • Mark Majzner
  • General Manager, Australia
Peter Reynolds
Resilience Mongolia
  • Peter Reynolds
  • Executive Chairman
Brett Ascott
Resolute Mining
  • Brett Ascott
  • Technical Services Manager
James Rattenbury
Resource Capital Funds
  • James Rattenbury
  • Senior Associate
Richard Laufmann
REX Minerals
  • Richard Laufmann
  • Chief Executive Officer
Paul Agnew
Rio Tinto
  • Paul Agnew
  • Chief Geologist
Fay Cranmer
Rio Tinto
  • Fay Cranmer
  • Chief Information Officer
Eleisha Pitt
Rio Tinto
  • Eleisha Pitt
  • Graduate Geologist
Lynn Olssen
Rio Tinto
  • Lynn Olssen
  • General Manager Resource Knowledge & Definition
Alastaire Dick
Rocky Mining Institute
  • Alastaire Dick
  • Director, RMI Mining Program
Michael Baldwin
RPM Global
  • Michael Baldwin
  • Regional General Manager Asia, Russia & Australasia
Janina Gawler
RST Solutions
  • Janina Gawler
  • Principal Consultant
Alexey Pavlovsky
  • Alexey Pavlovsky
  • Ambassador
Bibhrajit Halder
  • Bibhrajit Halder
  • Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Aaron Carter
Sandpit Innovation
  • Aaron Carter
  • Director
Doug Turnbull
Sandvik APAC
  • Doug Turnbull
  • Business Line Manager, Crushing & Grinding
Keith Cochrane
Schenck Process Australia
  • Keith Cochrane
  • President and Chief Executive Officer
Angus Macdonald
Scipion Capital (UK)
  • Angus Macdonald
  • General Counsel
Bruce McFadzean
Sheffield Resources
  • Bruce McFadzean
  • Managing Director
Blayney Morgan
  • Blayney Morgan
  • Partner
Bessie Zhang
  • Bessie Zhang
  • Partner
Matt Schofield
  • Matt Schofield
  • Partner, Corporate Finance
David Lynch
ShineWing Sustainability Australia
  • David Lynch
  • Principal Consultant
Praveen Kannan
  • Praveen Kannan
  • Senior Market Product Manager
Lon Shaver
Silvercorp Metals
  • Lon Shaver
  • Vice President
Marc Barrington
SIMEC Energy Australia
  • Marc Barrington
  • Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Mickler
  • Ryan Mickler
  • Chief Technology Officer
Deborah Caudle
Societe Generale
  • Deborah Caudle
  • Managing Director, Regional Co-Head Metals & Mining Asia-Pacific
Charlie Chichibu
Sojitz Coal Resources
  • Charlie Chichibu
  • Managing Director
Richard Day
South Australian Government
  • Richard Day
  • Director, Low Carbon Unit, Department for Energy and Mining
Alexandra Blood
South Australian Government
  • Alexandra Blood
  • Executive Director, Mineral Resources, Department for Energy and Mining
Paul Heithersay
South Australian Government
  • Paul Heithersay
  • Chief Executive, Department for Energy & Mining
Michelle Keegan
  • Michelle Keegan
  • Program Director, Greenfield Technologies
Rob Jackson
  • Rob Jackson
  • Vice President Operations, Cannington
Vanessa Torres
  • Vanessa Torres
  • Chief Technology Officer
Chris Cairns
Stavely Minerals
  • Chris Cairns
  • Managing Director
Romina Bratton
Sumitomo Australia
  • Romina Bratton
  • General Manager, Brisbane Office
Sean Gallagher
Swinburne University of Technology
  • Sean Gallagher
  • Director of the Centre for the New Workforce
Jacqui McGill
  • Jacqui McGill
  • Chair
Andrew McNeill
Tasmanian Government
  • Andrew McNeill
  • Chief Geologist, Department of State Growth
Saurambayev Nurlan
Tau-Ken Samruk
  • Saurambayev Nurlan
  • General Director for Business Development
Tim Dudley
Tembo Capital
  • Tim Dudley
  • Investment Director
Adrian Pearce
The University of Melbourne
  • Adrian Pearce
  • Program Leader, Melbourne Mining Integrator (MMI)
Neville Plint
The University of Queensland
  • Neville Plint
  • Director, Sustainable Minerals Institute
Rick Valenta
The University of Queensland
  • Rick Valenta
  • Director, Sustainable Minerals Institute
Sally Cripps
The University of Sydney
  • Sally Cripps
  • Director of the Centre for Translational Data Science
Mischa Traynor
  • Mischa Traynor
  • General Manager, Innovation and Technology
Larin Allison
ThoroughTec Simulation
  • Larin Allison
  • Vice President: Asia Pacific
Takeshi Iwanaga
Tokyo Gas Australia
  • Takeshi Iwanaga
  • General Manager
Dean McPherson
Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
  • Dean McPherson
  • Head, Global Mining
Nicole Bieske
Transparency International
  • Nicole Bieske
  • Head of Programme, Mining for Sustainable Development
Serena Lillywhite
Transparency International
  • Serena Lillywhite
  • Chief Executive Officer
John Anderson
Triumph Gold
  • John Anderson
  • Chairman of the Board & Director
Paul Deverall
  • Paul Deverall
  • Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand
Holly Bridgwater
  • Holly Bridgwater
  • Industry Lead Crowdsourcing
David Camerlengo
  • David Camerlengo
  • General Manager
Jeff Sterling
Universal Field Robots
  • Jeff Sterling
  • Managing Director
Peter Dowd
University of Adelaide
  • Peter Dowd
  • Professor of Mining
Eun-Jung Holden
University of Western Australia
  • Eun-Jung Holden
  • Senior Principal Research Fellow, School of Earth Sciences
Glenn McDowell
Vale Canada
  • Glenn McDowell
  • Manager, Innovation and Geophysics
Cliff Hale-Sanders
Vanadium One
  • Cliff Hale-Sanders
  • Chief Executive Officer
Jon Dugdale
Vango Mining
  • Jon Dugdale
  • Chief Exploration Geologist
Mauro Mezzano
  • Mauro Mezzano
  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Amanda Caples
Victorian Government
  • Amanda Caples
  • Lead Scientist, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
John Krbaleski
Victorian Government
  • John Krbaleski
  • Acting Head of Resources, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
Pablo Schatz
Victorian Government
  • Pablo Schatz
  • Trade and Investment Manager, Latin America
Jaclyn Symes
Victorian Government
  • Jaclyn Symes
  • Minister for Regional Development, Minister for Agriculture and Minster for Resources
Tori Osborne
VRIFY Technology
  • Tori Osborne
  • Director of Operations
Josias Leal
Vulkan do Brasil
  • Josias Leal
  • Engineering and Development Director
Greg Millen
Wave International
  • Greg Millen
  • Chief Executive Officer
Bjorn Dierx
Weir Minerals
  • Bjorn Dierx
  • Global HPGR Product Specialist
Lawrence Roulston
WestBay Capital Advisors
  • Lawrence Roulston
  • Managing Director
David Smith
Western Australian Government
  • David Smith
  • Director General, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety
Matthew Gill
White Rock Minerals
  • Matthew Gill
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Claudia Monreal
Women in Mining Chile
  • Claudia Monreal
  • President
Jason Crusan
Woodside Energy
  • Jason Crusan
  • Vice President Technology
Terry Heymann
World Gold Council
  • Terry Heymann
  • Chief Financial Officer
Nick Flanagan
  • Nick Flanagan
  • General Manager, Resources Central
Samuel Bennett
  • Samuel Bennett
  • Director of Resources, ANZ
Ceit Wilson
  • Ceit Wilson
  • Social Performance Consultant
Grant Moyle
XLM Systems
  • Grant Moyle
  • Chief Executive Officer
Zhang Lei
Yancoal Australia
  • Zhang Lei
  • Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Rickleman
Zhaojin International Mining
  • Daniel Rickleman
  • Vice President
Leo Zhao
Zhaojin International Mining
  • Leo Zhao
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer