Accelerating the Energy Transition

The global mining and resources industry has taken a serious and collaborative effort in responding to the threat of climate change. It wasn’t a question of “if” companies would make the energy transition, but more about when, and how. 

Only achievable in collaboration with governments, suppliers, customers, and communities in which it operates, the industry is looking to achieve specific 2030 and 2050 net zero targets, and as a result, climate resilience and decarbonisation strategies are being embedded across the mining value chain, operations and processing, and company culture. 

Whilst mining companies are making the energy transition across their business, early adoption has been made in the deployment of zero emission mining vehicles and in the minerals processing areas. Electrification and other low-carbon, low-emissions technologies are being utilised to help achieve this, as well as digital technologies like automation, robotics, and sensors, to name a few.

Powering sites with renewable energy is a key pathway for miners to make their transition; this is being supported strongly by governments, energy producers, and energy equipment and technology companies. The industry is seeing more options, capabilities, and availabilities of renewable energy sources, resulting in more miners trialling these possibilities.

The energy transition for the sector is not only applicable to how miners are applying climate resilience and decarbonisation strategies, but also includes their place in the critical and future facing minerals’ value chain. 

An influx of differing government investment and support for critical and future facing minerals, combined with a growing demand from end users, is seeing a stronger appetite for the growth of this value chain. 

Majors are looking to direct their interests into these commodities, whilst many mid-tier miners, juniors and explorers are taking advantage of such interests. Investors, banks, suppliers, and the like are all looking at these minerals; especially those that directly relate to a cleaner, brighter future. 

Which is why this year’s IMARC features a brand-new three day conference on Accelerating the Energy Transition covering:

  • Powering Mines with Renewable Energy Sources
  • Low Carbon - Low Energy Technologies
  • Electrification
  • Climate Resilience & Decarbonisation Strategies
  • Critical & Future Facing Minerals
  • The Role of Fossil Fuels in the Energy Transition
  • Hydrogen Production & Export

Miners joining this conference will benefit from hearing what their industry peers are doing in terms of climate resilience and decarbonisation, and most importantly, how. An array of presentations from climate change experts, as well as discussions from renewable and energy providers, and technology showcases will provide insights of what options and capabilities are available to meet decarbonisation requirements.

Those interested in understanding more about the critical and future facing minerals value chain will also benefit from discussions from governments, miners, and end users in this sector. A showcase of projects will also provide investors and miners an opportunity to hear what is in the development pipeline.

Not to be ignored, but also not without contention, is the role of fossil fuels in this energy transition. IMARC will invite some key players in this area to highlight their sustainability efforts, and how this fits in with the overall future of the fossil fuels industry. 

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