Accessing Capital for Project Development, Innovation and Commercialisation

A diverse range of investors and lenders, including government and financial institutions, are needed to help address the capital constraints that hinder the growth of mining value chains. This capital is required for not only early-stage exploration and the development of a project, although critical, but also where there are opportunities for growth, divestment, and increased production. However, feedback suggests that while there is available capital, it is only flowing into mining projects that have the right credentials. Additionally, banks are imposing more stringent lending requirements, and government grants and incentives have more conditions.

It is not only miners requiring capital. METS companies, including those in R&D, also require funding to drive innovation and commercialise new technologies. Whilst traditional investments and venture capitalists are still present in this sector, major miners are increasingly investing in this space. For instance, Rio Tinto has partnered with London-based Founders Factory to invest A$14.4 million (US$9.5 million) in pre-seed and seed-stage start-ups over three years. The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Prospect Innovation, is also focusing on innovation challenges related to "Sustainable Mining" to identify startups capable of transforming the mining and metals industry sustainably.

The IMARC platform remains a significant avenue for miners and METS companies internationally to showcase their projects and attract capital and partnerships to support industry growth.Over 480 exploration and junior mining and energy companies are showcased or in attendance at IMARC including over 110 in its Mines and Money @ IMARC Investment program, whilst the IMARC Traxys Connect platform allows for 530+ investors to connect with opportunities relating to mining and METS across the 3,300+ meetings that take place.

Content related to this topic can be heard in the IMARC Plenary, a theatre sponsored by Newmont, and in the Mining Innovation, Mines and Money Investment, Energy Transition & Decarbonisation and newly launched Mine & Project Development streams. 

  • How are Majors Partnering and Positioning their Funding of Mining Projects?
  • Capital is Always Available for the Right Project
  • Public Versus Private Funding and is there a Funding Gap?
  • Examples of How CRCs Drive Innovation in the Mining Sector
  • Understanding Government Funding Options for Critical Mineral Projects
  • Mining Technology Investment: A Review of the Sector and its Opportunities
  • Who, What and How - Mining Technology Acquisition and Financing Deals
  • The Key to Mining Companies Attracting Responsible Investment
  • Realising Commercial Benefits of Collaboration Between Competitors to Progress Mining Projects and Developments
  • Investing in the Supply and Production of Critical Minerals and its Value Chain: Differing Ways to Access Capital
  • Overcoming Funding, Permitting and ESG Challenges that Prevent Australian Mining Projects from Getting Out of the Ground and Off the Ground Faster

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