C-Suite & Plenary

Strategic perspectives from C-Suite leaders continuing the new normal, progressing ESG and promoting innovation. 

Whilst the local and global economic and societal impacts of COVID-19 are far from over, the mining and resources sector, as an essential service, continues to respond, maintain, and safely operate its businesses, on site, and remotely. 

In doing so however, mining companies, governments, the communities in which they operate and the supply chains that service them, have all had to figure out new ways of going about their operations and doing business, leading to this “new normal”. All whilst ensuring they are keeping their people safe, communities looked after, balancing shareholders’ interests and managing costs. 

C-Suite executives from mining head offices, through to onsite mine managers and board members are having to be more transparent during these times and lead its people and operations through this period. 

Understanding what executive leadership teams and onsite leaders have done in the last 12 months, and what they foresee for the remainder of 2021 and beyond will help to shape future business strategies across the industry. 

Companies are engaging in smarter mining strategies and investments, especially when it comes to technology and innovation that drives sustainability and accessibility, and people and culture related matters that promote industry certainty and community confidence.

This year’s Plenary will feature C-Suite executives to discuss:

  • Continuing the new normal; Smarter mining in 2021 and beyond
  • Collaborating towards industry certainty & progressing ESG
  • Promoting technology & innovation that drives sustainability & accessibility

Attendees will gain access to keynote presentations from mining, investment and industry leaders that are setting the agenda for how companies have had to operate during this period, and what responsibilities the industry will have going beyond 2021. 

Learn about industry’s top themes, centred around continuing the new normal and what smarter mining looks like, how the value chain can collaborate towards industry certainty and what’s next for the ESG topic, as well as how innovation that is sustainable and accessible is crucial right now.


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