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Creating Social Value and Environmental Resilience that Supports Shared Prosperity

As the resources industry looks to operationalise Net Zero targets, develop critical minerals’ supply chains to support the global energy transition, and embrace the reshaping of the value chain, collaborating on ESG opportunities and risks remains high on the agenda across the industry. 

There has never been a more critical time for the industry to implement and expand its strategic and operational initiatives of creating social value and minimising harm to the environment than now – especially as one of the key ESG requirements relates to climate change.

With investors, financiers, stakeholders, and regulators demanding ESG disclosures, miners are having to follow through on commitments around the minimising of waste, energy and water, highlight rehabilitation and repurposing plans at mine planning stages, and have better visibility over their supply chains to ensure their own values on human rights and ethics are being adhered to. Miners are also needing to increase their engagement with the communities they operate within and ensure overall transparency and accountability of their businesses as a result of greater ESG demands.

More importantly however, is what the mining industry is doing in these areas to support shared value and prosperity. Communities and civil societies are looking for miners to not only engage with them on their social license to operate, but also share in the values and economic outcomes of the business. 

At IMARC this year, honest discussions will be had on how:

  • mining can develop better indigenous partnerships that support shared prosperity,
  • mining creates nature-positive outcomes throughout its life of mine,
  • there has been a change in the role of mining and its partners in progressing ESG,
  • mining can create real value for stakeholders and host communities, and,
  • the mining value chain can achieve trust to support the energy transition.

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