Embracing Digital Technology and Mining Innovation

Digital transformation and mining innovation continues to be a major business priority for the mining and resources sector. Accelerated by recent supply chain disruptions, changes to cyber security requirements, and heightened requirements for remote and more flexible working conditions.

This has seen the digital transformation of companies brought forward; further amplifying the need to be more predictive rather than reactive to what happens in their business.

Challenges and opportunities with implementation of analytics, AI and automation all remain of high interest to mining companies, especially as the application of such technologies and innovation continues to be strategically aligned with sustainability and shared value priorities. 

This is especially true in the processing and refining plants, as they become smarter. Even the capabilities for innovation surrounding water, wastewater, dust control, emissions and tailings has increased, assisting the industry with its commitments to ESG. 

Technology, as well as the modernisation of mining innovation, has helped to make the industry safer, more predictable, and more focussed than ever before. Supporting this are the current and future METS capabilities and availabilities to meet these ever-changing requirements.

This year there will be double the opportunity to learn from innovative METS with a dedicated Mining Innovation conference looking at both innovation for fixed and mobile assets on mine sites, as well as best practices in mining operations and production. 

Whilst the Digital Technology conference will look at how digital solutions have become a key component of the strategic direction and vision of today's modern mining companies.

Across the two dedicated conferences, attendees will gain insights into:  

  • Data, AI & Machine Learning

  • Minerals Processing & Refining

  • Integration & Connectivity

  • Asset Management & Predictive Maintenance

  • Automation & Enabling Remote Operations

  • Machinery & Equipment Modernisation

  • Value Chain Optimisation & ERP

  • Cyber Security and Protecting Critical Infrastructure Assets

  • METS Commercialisation and Collaboration

  • Mine Optimisation and Production

  • Water, Tailings & Wastewater Management

  • OH&S Practices

These sessions will allow attendees to understand what others are doing as part of their digital transformation and mining innovation journey, who they’re collaborating with, and apply what best practices have been learnt so far.

Attendees will gain access to global mining case studies with perspectives from both the miners and the METS, as well as research organisations that are focusing on advancements and applications of technologies and modern equipment. 

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