Energy transition

The Shell sponsored Energy Transition Theatre will feature some of the most forward-thinking sessions at IMARC this year, especially as it relates to how mining is operationalising its Net Zero targets, how industry is supporting the critical minerals value chain, and where mining is placed in accelerating hydrogen production and application. 

Featuring speakers that will look at both the aspirations and practicalities of the energy transition, and what solutions are available to support next steps, these sessions will showcase some of the achievements made by industry so far and what others can learn. It will also include key conversations on how collaboration is key in many of the industry’s decarbonisation efforts, and how it also plays a part in developing new supply chains for both critical minerals, renewables and hydrogen.

Join speakers in this session share insights on:

  • Powering Mines with Renewable Energy Sources
  • Mining Electrification
  • Decarbonisation Strategies & Solutions
  • Critical Minerals Demand
  • Developing Critical Minerals Supply Opportunities
  • Supporting the Critical Minerals Value Chain
  • Accelerating Hydrogen Production
  • Applications of Hydrogen in the Resources Sector

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