Fast Tracking the Critical Minerals Value Chain

As the global energy transition progresses, there are growing pressures on global supply chains responsible for providing critical minerals crucial to the development of future technologies. Overcoming funding, permitting and ESG challengers are the main inhibitors that still prevent mining projects from getting out of the ground and off the ground faster. 

According to a recent report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), a total of 110 new mining projects worldwide, worth $39 billion, have been identified. Among these, $22 billion has been invested in 60 projects located in developing countries. The report also indicated that the industry may require approximately 80 new copper mines, 70 lithium mines, 70 nickel mines, and 30 cobalt mines to achieve the 2030 net-zero emission targets. The estimated investment required from 2022 to 2030 falls between $360 billion to $450 billion, with a possible gap of $180 billion to $270 billion. The most significant gaps are in copper and nickel, which account for 36% and 16% of the overall shortfall, respectively.

Considering these challenges, the day one plenary of IMARC will focus on this theme featuring keynote speakers including Australian Minister for Resources Hon. Madeline King and also Minerals Council of Australia’s CEO Tania Constable. The new Mine and Project Development stream at IMARC will also focus on strategies to fast-track projects to meet future demands, across all commodities, whilst the focus of the Energy Transition & Decarbonisation stream on day one will also look at critical minerals supply, investment and value chain development.

Some of the sessions you’ll not want to miss related to this theme include:

  • Now and Then: Evolving Discussions from the Boardroom: What Should Our Top Priorities Be?
  • Investing in the Supply and Production of Critical Minerals and its Value Chain: Differing Ways to Access Capital
  • Overcoming Funding, Permitting and ESG Challenges that Prevent Australian Mining Projects from Getting Out of the Ground and Off the Ground Faster
  • International Collaboration Opportunities to Fast Track Global Critical and Strategic Minerals’ Value Chains
  • ESG as an Investment Driver in Mine Development
  • Supply Challenges Facing Critical Minerals: From Exploration to Production
  • How Governments are Working with Miners and Communities to Reduce Permitting and Approval Timeframes
  • Improving Mine Approval Timeframes without Increasing Risk Exposure

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