Future Energy & Investment

The energy transition towards cleaner power has seen mining and energy companies seriously consider their “green transformation”, especially in relation to the industry’s commitment to decarbonisation and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Governments, mining companies, and investors are all considering renewable energy projects, with a particular interest in hydrogen many partnerships are being formed across the supply chain. 

Complementing the investment into these renewable projects is also the support of critical minerals supply to meet national and international demand.

Complementing the investment program as part of Mines and Money @IMARC, this year’s conference will feature a dedicated day to discuss: 

  • Hydrogen
  • Mining’s Transition to Renewables
  • Supporting Critical Minerals Supply to Meet Demand

Whilst contentious, industry must come together to discuss its clean energy transition and its impact on creating a sustainable future. Discussions at IMARC will revolve around the opportunities and challenges of the transition to clean energy for mining companies, as well as the downstream benefits of this transition for Australia’s climate change goals. 

Attendees will also gain insights into the different technologies and solutions that can be implemented to reduce emissions and contribute to carbon neutralisation, and what critical minerals strategies are in play.


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