Leveraging Technology and Innovation to Achieve Productivity and Operational Excellence

Increased applications of innovative technologies such as AI, robotics, and drones into mining operations offers a promising solution for transforming the industry to be safer, more cost-efficient, and productive. These advancements bring multiple benefits to the mining sector, yet some challenges and risks remain, such as threats to cybersecurity, interoperability problems across different platforms, change management and lack of skills, and optimising these technologies’ across different operations. 

To address these issues and assist METS companies in commercialising these new technologies, research and development in this field will play a crucial role. Mining companies themselves have an important role in driving R&D, contributing to the development and application of these technologies and innovations to enhance productivity and operational excellence.

Key digital transformation technologies and mining innovation applications will be showcased at IMARC 2024, not only across the 20,000sqm exhibition floor, but also in the conference streams. Some of the sessions include discussions on:

  • Highlighting the Myths and Realities of AI in the Mining and Resources Industry
  • A Review of Digitalisation and its Impact on the Mining Industry: Are We Maximising the Benefits?
  • Even With All of Today’s Transformative Technologies: What is Preventing Productivity and Project Advancement?
  • Highlighting the Top Three Things Driving Efficiency and Optimisation in the Mining Industry
  • Keeping Mines Connected – Understanding the Future of Mining Connectivity and its Challenges
  • Understanding the Differing Processing Requirements Required for New Minerals
  • Preventing OT Risks Encountered in Mining Operations
  • Developing, Supporting and Accelerating Clean Energy and Climate Tech Solutions in Mining
  • The Automated Future of the Mining Industry: What are the Opportunities and Risks?
  • Reviewing Different Applications of Robot and Drone Technology
  • Mining Technology Investment: A Review of the Sector and its Opportunities
  • Asset Management for Electrification and Autonomous Mining – Navigating the Risks
  • How Do we Leverage the Available Digital Technologies Support Productivity and Operational Excellence
  • How and Where is Geospatial Data Unlocking New Possibilities for Mining Operations

METS and miners will showcase their solutions and case studies at IMARC in the following sessions within the Convergio sponsored Digital Transformation Theatre, the Hatch sponsored Mining Innovation Theatre and the Energy Transition & Decarbonisation Theatre:

  • Applications of Digitalisation & AI
  • Machinery, Equipment & Vehicle Modernisation
  • Mining Optimisation
  • Data Collection, Analytics & Visualisation
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Connectivity & Communications
  • Water Sustainability in Mining
  • Renewable Energy Applications in Mining & Processing
  • Minerals Processing
  • ClimateTech & Electrification for Mining
  • Cyber Security & Business Resilience
  • Processing Plant Optimisation
  • Automation, Robotics & Drones
  • Asset Management & Maintenance
  • Simulators & Digital Twins
  • Geospatial Technologies

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