Minimising Disruptions and Building Resilience

With mining and resources critical to the economies in which it operates, the macro implications from COVID-19 and geopolitical tensions have been felt across the globe with major disruptions on supply chain, the workforce, and operational costs.

Not being able to access resources, equipment and parts quickly enough is causing downtime and highlighting the possibilities for resource nationalism and greater in-country METS manufacturing and commercialisation. 

Even with strong commodity prices and investor’s keen to take advantage of new project opportunities, the high costs of doing business are causing CAPEX and OPEX concerns for all. 

Off the back of COVID-19, like many other industries, the industry has also had to redesign its workforce. Access to labour and skills, even within the same country, saw a shortage of having the right people at the right place, as well as a rise in remote working and other flexibilities. Countering the industry’s existing challenges of attracting skills and diversity to its workforces, however, is also the industry’s readiness and appetite for digital transformation, which has certainly increased.

As the industry looks to minimise disruptions to its supply chain, workforce and operations, there is an even greater consensus to implement strategies that will build resilience within the sector, all of which should also align with its short and long term ESG and sustainability goals. 

Which is why Minimising Disruptions and Building Resilience will be a key theme throughout the three days, in both the plenary and the dedicated six conference streams. Attendees will gain insights into:  

  • Commodity and Equity Prices, and its Impact on Investor’s Risk Appetite

  • Impact of Supply Chain Volatility

  • Addressing Labour and Skill Shortages

  • Managing Geopolitical Risks and Doing Business in Varying Mining Jurisdictions

  • Impacts of Operational Costs and Inflation

  • COVID-19 Impacts and Changes to Work

  • Digital Transformation Readiness

  • Reimagining Mining and Transparency

  • Sustainable Mining Practices and Climate Resilience

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from C-Suite executives, technical and operational leaders, and future thinkers on what is being done to minimise these disruptions and how to build resilience strategies that can be applied to you, or your organisation.

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