Operationalising the Energy Transition through Innovation and Collaboration

To achieve net zero targets, mining and METS companies must make substantial capital investments, transform their existing infrastructure and assets, and change the way they operate to reduce carbon emissions, whilst maintaining optimal production results. Shifting from diesel to electric vehicles and equipment, in conjunction with renewable energy-powered microgrids, can lead to more efficient and sustainable mining operations.

The transition to an electric and renewable energy-powered mining industry is complex and will require significant investments in infrastructure and technologies. Industry collaboration will also be essential to explore innovative methods for electrification and renewable energy sources, while government support and investment from stakeholders will also be vital.

Assessing the emerging trends and innovation in this space and highlighting key partnerships and collaborative efforts is a key focus throughout the IMARC 2024 program, specifically for the day two plenary, the Mining Innovation, and the Energy Transition & Decarbonisation streams. Whilst the targets are ambitious and there is a lot of aspiration from the industry to achieve this, IMARC focuses on how companies are operationalising the energy transition through investment, change management, transformation projects and on-site optimisation. IMARC will also showcase some of the most innovative global solutions in climate technology, electrification, and sustainable mining to support the operational changes.

Attending IMARC to gain insights on:

  • Immediately Actioning the Road to Real Zero: Investments, Innovations, and Partnerships
  • Understanding the Electrifying Journey of Mining Operations
  • Have We Got Management Buy-In Yet? The Value Proposition for Innovation and Modernisation
  • Learning from Zero Emissions Projects and Studies to Develop Green Solutions
  • Decarbonisation in Mining and Metals: Supporting the Role of Renewables and Electrification in the Transition
  • Collaborative Approaches to Transforming Mining Operations to Meet Net Zero Targets and Developing Renewable Energy Opportunities
  • International Interests in Developing Renewable Energy Projects in Australia
  • Developing, Supporting and Accelerating Clean Energy and Climate Tech Solutions in Mining
  • Reviewing the Challenges and Opportunities with Electrification and ClimateTech, and Practical Applications for the Future
  • Developing Renewable Power – How Miners are Harnessing Solar and Wind Power in Operations
  • Using Renewable Fuel to Drive Decarbonisation Targets
  • Using Alternative Decarbonisation Strategies to Reduce Emissions in Mining

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