Opportunities for Global Trade and Investment

As international trade and investment opportunities open across various regions worldwide, the demand for critical minerals from Europe and the USA, as well as growing interest in renewables from Japan and South Korea, have paved the way for emerging opportunities and capabilities from countries such as Germany, France, Canada, Mongolia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

IMARC continues to be the number one platform in Australia for international delegations to converge about exploration, mining and METS opportunities, with participation from over 115 countries, including government representation from 51 countries. This is complemented by the strong representation from Australian governments and agencies, including the involvement from federal and state ministers, and senior agency representation from Geoscience Australia, Austrade, ANSTO, CSIRO and the Australian Space Agency, to name a few.

Like other global grand-slam events, IMARC serves as an important avenue for highlighting collaboration, partnerships, capabilities, and opportunities. This year, IMARC will host over 25 state and country pavilions and programs, with keynote addresses from domestic and international ministers, and senior government officials, driving the opportunities for global trade and investment. Don’t miss the updates from across the globe featured in the IMARC Global Opportunities Theatre.

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