People & Culture

Proving to not only be an essential service, but also one that had the resilience to continue operating throughout the pandemic, mining operators adopted smarter ways of working throughout 2020, leading to this “new normal” way of doing business in 2021 and beyond. 

Throughout this, the health and safety of its people remained the number one priority for global mining companies as they implemented COVID best practices. People and culture, and planning for a future workforce has continued to be a focus for companies, which is why this year’s conference for feature dedicated sessions discussing:

  • Continuing the New Normal; Smarter Mining in 2021 and Beyond
  • Best Practices in OH&S
  • Future Workforce Planning
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Despite global health, safety and operational challenges for business and communities, the mining industry continues to be resilient, developing and operating smarter mining practices. Attendees to this year’s conference will be able to engage in discussions that highlight what these “new normal” strategies are and learn to develop and implement plans to upskill your workforce. In addition to strategies to measure the effectiveness and benefits of your diversity and for reviewing your workforce strategy.


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