Progressing ESG and Strengthening Social Value

In a world of growing concerns around the environment, climate change and social impact, mining is in the spotlight now more than ever, placing critical focus on requirements for ESG, credibility and trust, a social license to operate, and sustainable mining practices. 

As an industry that can have a significant impact on the environments and communities in which it operates, mining is becoming more and more susceptible to public scrutiny. Human rights, land access and cultural heritage issues have recently added further pressure on the mining industry and the way it operates. Meanwhile, the industry’s broader image, coupled with the negative attitude of younger generations towards mining, is having a significant impact on public perceptions of mining. Key industry players are increasingly choosing to work exclusively with companies who share their own social values, including a focus on responsible sourcing and ethical investments. 

This trend has seen stakeholders demand greater transparency around ESG initiatives. And although the industry has done a better job with covering the environmental and governance aspects, the social value and impacts’ side are harder to measure and manage, including the overall legacy of mining and its impact on the communities long after mine closure. ESG and sustainability remains at the top of the agenda for industry.

Which is why Progressing ESG and Strengthening Social Value will be an overarching theme throughout the three days, in both the plenary and the dedicated six conference streams. Attendees will gain insights into:  

  • Being Transparent and Addressing the Bad and the Ugly
  • Mining's Commitment to ESG & the SDGs
  • Community Engagement, Trust & Social License
  • Mine Closure, Rehabilitation and Repurpose
  • Water, Tailings & Wastewater Management
  • Environmental, Emission & Dust Control
  • Climate Resilience & Decarbonisation Strategies
  • Critical & Future Facing Minerals
  • Indigenous Engagement

Dedicated sessions will look at the entire mining value chain to explore what operational practices are being implemented or developed to safeguard lives and the wider community, while also improving environmental outcomes. 

Attendees of these sessions will have the opportunity to hear strategic and operational perspectives on what ESG and sustainability performance indicators can be implemented into their business. This will be done via presentations, interviews, and the introduction of IMARC’s Talk it Forward Dialogue Tables. 

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