Redesigning the Mining Workforce and Culture

Major labour and skill shortages continue to exist across many areas of the mining value chain, made worse by recent COVID-19 implications and remote working challenges. Not to mention, the problem mining faces in attracting its next generation due to the negative perceptions of the industry and its culture. 

As the mining industry continues to face these challenges, companies are having to redesign their workforce to be not only be more attractive, but also more flexible and inclusive. 

Leadership, company culture, skilling, and upskilling, being more diverse, and educating younger generations are all ways the industry are looking to improve their workforce and workplaces. 

Management teams are facing more pressure in the area of its people and culture, especially as the drive for digital transformation, ESG, and maximising profits increases.

Which is why Redesigning the Mining Workforce and Culture will be an overarching theme throughout the three days, in both the plenary, as well as dedicated sessions throughout the six conference streams. Attendees will gain insights into:  

  • Addressing Labour and Skill Shortages
  • COVID-19 Impacts and Changes to Work
  • Remote Working and Flexibility
  • Future Workforce and Readiness
  • Best Practices in OH&S
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Next Generation - Students and Future Leaders
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Indigenous Employment 

Sessions will include interviews with mining companies and industry groups championing strategies on how to redesign its workplaces, and strategies to promote better leadership and culture within companies. 

Attendees will also gain further insights into Future Workforce & Readiness as well as Diversity & Inclusion with dedicated Talk It Forward Dialogue Tables featuring 10 industry leaders engaging in dialogue about industry’s softer topics that are hardest to address.

Conversations will include strategies for flexibility, requirements for future readiness, attracting the next generation of explorers and miners, how to engage local communities into the workforce, and the importance of leadership and culture.

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