Regional Showcase

Despite many international borders being closed globally, opportunities to invest, do business and build pipelines for future growth and development remain.

The global mining community relies heavily on an active investor community, enhanced METS capabilities, a strong skills market, and best practice sharing of operations and processes. All of these contribute to the successful promotion of trade and investment opportunities that allow the industry to grow, and for economies to bounce back post-restrictions. 

As a result, understanding what is happening in different mining jurisdictions has remained essential to those in the industry, especially for investors and mining companies, whom still have an invested interest in these regions. Complemented by a vast number of land releases that governments in both Australia and around the world have put forth has kept exploration at the fore.

Attendees will learn of investment, exploration, and discovery opportunities from specific regions around the world and within Australia with this year’s three-day Regional Showcase conference program. Hear the latest on what is happening in various mining jurisdictions to develop your business growth and strategy for the future.

As a hybrid event, international perspectives will be featured throughout the event via live stream, providing an opportunity for in-person attendees to receive insights on different mining jurisdictions’ current and future opportunities. Whilst international attendees will be able to log into IMARC’s online platform to watch the presentations live or catch up with on-demand. 


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