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Reshaping the Mining Value Chain to Support the Industry’s Role in the Global Energy Transition

The resources industry, and its role in exploration and mining, continues to be important for economic, social and innovative development across the globe. The fact that the industry is also needed for the exploration and mining of critical minerals required for the future, has also further emphasised the importance of the industry. 

As a result, the mining value chain has begun evolving – explorers and miners are diversifying their portfolios to align for future demand, M&A activity for miners and METS is consolidating the industry and possibly increasing the value of major miners whilst highlighting the agility and strengths of the mid-tier market, and suppliers of equipment, technologies and services are increasing their capabilities to meet changing requirements especially in areas to support ESG and the energy transition specifically. 

We are also seeing Governments across the globe becoming more collaborative in resourcing for tomorrow, and downstream users and OEMs from sectors like automotive, high-tech, chemicals and defence also getting more involved in supply investments, along with financiers and investors.

This is resulting in the reshaping of the mining value chain and expanding on the role and importance of the industry. At IMARC 2023, we will look at how the entire value chain is transforming. Based on this theme, the event will look at:

  • both the aspirations and practicalities of the energy transition,
  • the critical minerals’ requirements of Europe, the USA, and downstream users, and Australia’s role in supporting this specifically,
  • the value and role of China amongst the industry, and,
  • learn how miners are diversifying and fast tracking their businesses for tomorrow.

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