Speeding Up the Project Lifecyle to Develop the Mines of the Future Quicker

New mining projects often face significant delays, with project timelines spanning up to 20 years. These delays commonly arise from challenges related to obtaining permits, tackling technical problems, and addressing ESG concerns. As the demand for minerals increases, attracting new junior miners to the market, it becomes crucial to find ways to expedite the progress of these projects from exploration to production. Major and mid-tier miners also need assistance to efficiently launch or expand their projects. 

To support the quicker development of these projects across the mining lifecycle, collaboration should involve governments, investors, suppliers, community stakeholders, and end users (especially the downstream, midstream and OEM partners); working together to align goals, implement new strategies, address risk factors, and even make investment efforts. 

The newly launched Mine & Project Development stream fills part of the content gap at IMARC, focusing on what is required once a project can move into development stage, and/or how a project can expand for further production. This stream is dedicated to addressing topics that can speed up the project timeline process, supporting the global need to support current and future demands.

In this stream themes will cover:

  • Supporting Exploration & New Discoveries
  • Valuations, Feasibility & Scoping Studies
  • ESG in Mine & Project Development
  • Case Studies of Project Development
  • Funding Mine & Project Development
  • Innovative Mine Planning & Development
  • Sustainable Development & Production
  • Managing Project Risk
  • Government Policy & Incentives

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