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Strengthening the Mining Innovation Ecosystem: Investment, Technology, Skills & Collaboration

Whilst there is a lot of emphasis on the mining industry’s focus on resource nationalism and critical minerals’ independence, there has also been a strong focus within the industry to strengthen the mining innovation ecosystem, primarily by connecting technology and investment. 

Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen the application of artificial intelligence, drones, and augmented realities utilised in exploration, mining, and minerals processing. However, the pace for commercialisation within the industry is said to be lagging, and to support future research and ideas that will further increase productivity, safety, quality and sustainability, greater investment and collaboration is required across the value chain.  

Addressing the people and cultural challenges that impact mining innovation has also been flagged as an important issue. Is mining enticing enough to attract the skills needed to support innovation, is the industry supportive of upskilling and reskilling its people to do the jobs of the future, how has the industry managed health, wellbeing and inclusiveness concerns, and is the mining culture and leadership broadening to embrace change?

To understand this theme, IMARC 2023 will include insights into:

  • challenges and opportunities in connecting technology and investment,
  • the role of culture and collaboration in driving the mining innovation ecosystem, and,
  • how the industry is reskilling and upskilling its workforce for the adoption of technology and innovation.

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