Sustainability & Community

With growing community concerns around the environment and climate change, mining continues to be in the spotlight, placing critical focus on transparency and sustainability.

As an industry that can have a significant impact on the environments and communities in which it operates; and as investors call for greater transparency around Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Social License to Operate (SLO) initiatives to make better decisions about their investments; the industry knows it has a role to play in ensuring best practices in sustainability, community engagement, and its post-mining legacy. 

As one of the top industries to set commitments and monitor its decarbonisation goals and other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) before 2030, sustainability and community will be a key theme throughout this year’s event, in addition to dedicated conference sessions on:

  • Collaborating Towards Industry Certainty & Progressing ESG
  • Mining & the SDGs: Closing the Gaps within Industry
  • Climate Change & Decarbonising the Mining Industry
  • Closure, Rehabilitation & Post-Mining Considerations
  • Building Community Confidence & Transparency

As mining companies and their supply chains commit to closing SDG gaps, in the areas of decarbonisation, mine closure and ethical supply chains, attendees of IMARC will hear how and what the industry is doing and can do to manage these with case studies and commitment strategies from mining companies and their partners. As well as discussions on how to collaborate towards industry certainty, build community confidence and fulfil SDG commitments.


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