Smarten up your mining operations with intelligent software 

With mining operations becoming more complex and the risks around labor, costs, and productivity becoming more severe each day, it’s time to smarten up your mining operations. Along with these risks, continuous oversight, actionable insights, and contingency planning are required just to meet your daily challenges. You need an intelligent software solution that will help you overcome all of these risks, optimize your plans and schedules, and help future-proof your mining operation. 

Experience AI-powered software
Actenum DSO/Mine is an AI-powered scheduling and planning software tool, with powerful decision optimization support technology, and advanced analytics, that will help you improve your scheduling, planning, and operational efficiency so you can achieve your business goals and overcome risks. With DSO/Mine, you can rapidly and effectively build and manage schedules for multiple aspects of mining operations including core drilling, drill and blast, mucking, ISR, load haul dump, dewatering, and other critical activities. It schedules any type of resource against any type of activity, and rapidly aligns the sequence of resources and activities with business objectives. As a result, it simplifies scheduling and eliminates guesswork to significantly improve the efficient use of your mining equipment, personnel, and other resources. 

Overcome labor shortage challenges
One of the most acute challenges facing mining operators like yourself is overcoming labor shortages. Using DSO/Mine, a single worker can save your company time and increase operational efficiency. It enables one worker to quickly build and manage an optimized operational schedule that addresses multiple aspects of mining operations. The optimized schedule enables you to quickly and easily identify the number of workers required and what level of productivity can be achieved with fewer workers. 

Create Multiple “What if?” scheduling scenarios
With DSO/Mine’s scenario capability, you always know what to do in any situation. You can create and evaluate multiple “What if?” schedule alternatives, so you know exactly how your scheduling decisions will impact costs, production, equipment use, and financial goals. You can generate scenarios that answer questions such as “How will this LHD vehicle breakdown affect production in two months’ time?” 
You can monitor and control key performance indicators as the schedule is changed, so you have instant insight into how well your company is maximizing asset ROI and reducing risk, and achieving predictable and reliable results. 

DSO/Mine will help you reduce non-productive time, allocate appropriate resources, and save you money.

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