Baker Merz Construction Lawyers (BMCL) Company Profile
We help miners and financiers build profitable partnerships by developing practical project strategies that win board and financing approval. We are the only law firm in Australia regulated by the RICS, and we have 40 years of first-hand project development experience as engineers and quantity surveyors in mining, mineral processing and forming successful partnerships between explorers, miners, governments, and financiers. Our service offerings are as follows:

Win-win creative and practical solutions “enabling” project success
We will work with investors and miners to identify, mitigate, manage real and conceptual risks, problems, and opportunities, grow project strategies and develop project management plans so that mitigation processes and procedures are embedded into the project with a win-win for both investors and miners. We will find practical, economical, and innovative solutions to problems through the project life cycle from concept to mining, from mining to processing, and from processing to sales and delivery.

Stitch together & draft joint-venture contracts for large-scale mining projects
It’s our goal to set up a win-win framework. Our lawyers will negotiate and draft a contract that fairly balances the terms of involved parties so that team members are equipped for the best chance of joint success. Our claim is to create streamlined contracts with an appropriate supporting project management plan to secure continued board and financing approval.

Fast-track newcomers with proven engineer-QS-lawyer veterans
We are experienced in establishing feasibility studies, memorandums of understandings, and in forming successful partnerships between miners, governments, and financiers. More importantly, it’s our job to help you secure funding. We help you quickly complete the rigorous paperwork & legislative requirements so that projects secure funding sooner. Should you need any mining project, legal, or project documentation, we can likely help with that too. We have likely delivered similar strategies while employed by giants such as Leighton (now CPB), Fluor, AECOM, SNC Lavalin, and Coffey.

Drive strategies to raise your ESG scores to help your continued funding
We understand that you will be forced to reduce carbon footprints – while being pressured to meet the local government's constraints. Our seasoned renewable energy specialists will diagnose, prescribe, and help your team identify and implement proven methods to raise your ESG scores.

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