Buckaroo is an Australian manufacturing company producing high-quality leather goods specific to the construction, trades and mining industries. Its conception occurred by identifying an opportunity to utilise quality Australian materials and couple that with unique leather craftsmanship.

Buckaroo manufactures beautiful, premium, quality tool belts and tool belt components designed to suit professional tradespeople whilst on the job.

All manufacturing is undertaken domestically, allowing the brand to utilise an Australian workforce, locally sourced materials and maintain high-quality control.

Buckaroo positions itself as a premium tool belt and component manufacturer due to its strict guidelines on material selection, design, aesthetics and skilled labour force.

In the late nineties, a simple request by two tradespeople dramatically changed the trajectory of the Buckaroo brand. The daily stress on their bodies from their physical trade drove them to seek a belt that would carry their tools but also support their backs in wearing the load. The product created was Buckaroo Signature Tradesman Back Support Tool Belt. This bespoke design single-handedly revolutionised how tradespeople carried their tools and ushered in a new and exciting era for Buckaroo and the greater industry.

Buckaroo now has an extensive product range designed and built to work with their uniquely designed toolbelts. The belt provides the base for users to build their desired tool belt rig. With the addition of Buckaroo belt components, they personalise this based on their needs. Buckaroo belt components include bags, pouches, and tool frogs. These components are continuously reviewed, improved or added to base on the changing needs of our customers.

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