The Circular Mine Pty ltd aims to make is zero mine waste a reality. Water and waste have a significant impact on mining operations and can result in long-term damage and safety issues in a region or catchment area.

We have formed the Circular Mine Consortium and our team of engineers have developed an innovative and sustainable solution to overcome these damaging concerns. Europe is a global leader in the circular economy, recycling, green house gas emission reduction and sustainable water management.  Australia is a world leader in mining engineering and has one of the most advanced and largest mining industries. This consortium is a collaboration of engineering teams from these two regions, which has created practical solutions in the short term to accelerate the transformation of the mining industry to a circular economy model.

Our consortium solution aims to achieve near zero mine waste, green house emission reduction and sustainable water management solution based on economic principles which provide additional income and development opportunities.

The concept includes existing technologies, current research and experience from the Circular Mine Consortium team adapted for circular economy principles. The goal is to remove the need for costly tailings dams and the associated risks and the negative impact on water resources.  Tailings and waste rock are reviewed as part of a resource and become an important by-product and asset to be processed and marketed.  A further opportunity exists in the carbon economy to market carbon credits. This is due to the carbonation capture technology to produce construction materials, soil amelioration and revegetation to create new industries around the mine to support communities following closure.

Most of the members of our consortium have worked successfully on other tailings recycling projects and have developed a clear view on sustainable mine waste and water management for the long term. 
The consortium’s approach offers several innovative technologies to support our approach that includes:
•  Innovative bioleaching technology.
•  Flexible strategies for transforming the remaining minerals into clean construction materials via carbon capture and utilisation of the tailings as cement constituent or artificial sand.
• Soil remediation for site rehabilitation, erosion controls or agriculture activity which is targeted and adapted to the local conditions helped by advanced water recovery technologies in arid regions. 
• Collaborative monitoring and predictive system and tools to provide current and future underground water quality and reserves according to varying mining, industrial, farming and urban development.

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