Comex Group was established in 2003 as a spin-off from the SINTEF Industrial Research Group in Norway.  Thanks to the intense R&D activities, Comex delivers today the state-of-the-art equipment and technologies for Mining Industry within sensor based sorting, fine grinding and classification, on-line particle size control as well as process control and automation. Many of these technologies and equipment solutions are protected by international patents. Majority of industrial projects include not only equipment sale but very often they are related to providing solutions for demanding applications within wide technological and environmental areas.  
Over 500 industrial and laboratory installations were delivered to different countries in all continents (except Antarctica), providing significant improvements in production efficiency, processing cost reduction, product quality improvements, mining waste reduction, carbon foot print reduction and especially reduction of the environmental impact of mining activities. The Comex equipment was applied in different industrial areas like material technology, chemical industry, electronic and pharmaceutical industry and especially in mining industry within mineral processing, pre-concentration and ore sorting. Some of the applications provided spectacular reduction of energy and waste generation (even 5 to 7 times less), when compared to production systems employing standard ore processing equipment. The sorting equipment from Comex was applied to enrichment of coal, sorting of various materials for recycling and pre-concentration of different ores like iron, zinc and lead, tin, chrome, gold and copper.           
The main offices are situated in Norway and Poland, where the newly established advanced research center provides different services including: testing of offered equipment in the laboratory scale, pilot scale production and industrial scale demonstration. In addition, Comex is represented in Canada, Brazil, India, Korea and South Africa.

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