CST is a major Australian manufacturer of High Quality Belt Weighing systems and Train Loadouts. CST has designed and built their own belt weighing products and supported them throughout Australia for more than 35 years. We are totally committed to supporting our customers and work to ensure that they have the best possible weighing system experience. 

An enviable reputation has been acquired by CST over the last 35 years, based on providing rugged and reliable equipment, mostly requiring only routine maintenance. Many customers have formed long term relationships with CST, regularly purchasing CST equipment for each new expansion. CST’s electronics sets have always had many unique features, including a built in linearity check, and the ability to test and calibrate PLC I/O without having to load the weigh frame with weights.

A key feature of our weighers is their robust design and durability. Many CST weighers have remained in operation for over 20 years. A typical example is the PFS4-2 two idler four loadcell with special overload protection supplied to Tahmoor Colliery in 1989. In 2014, after 25 years of operation underground, it was brought back to the CST factory, refurbished, and reinstalled where it remains in operation for more than 33 years.

With well over 3000 active installations world wide, CST has become a major presence in the Australian and export markets. Over 35 years, CST has maintained a solid, enduring presence in in-motion weighing. As well as continual product development, CST is investing heavily in building and training an extensive, readily available service and maintenance team to ensure the ongoing high performance our equipment is routinely capable of. There are many good reasons for using the manufacturer’s own, specialist trained team, with backup and resources to handle everything from routine maintenance to troubleshooting ‘mystery’ problems. Our accumulated industry experience means our service team can help any make of weigher perform to its best possible capacity.

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