Critical Input is a business and process improvement consultancy. We help our clients to improve their end-to-end supply chain processes through process improvement strategies, project management and staffing resources. At the centre of everything are three principles: 
???? Process, because without process, there is no destination.
???? People, because without buy-in, there is no evolution and 
???? Principles – because integrity is everything.

Experts in: 
???? Process: CI works with our clients to help understand, communicate and improve their processes. 
???? People: CI can provide skilled resources as backfill, for outsourcing purposes or as 
additional support. 
???? Supply Chain: CI works across the end-to-end supply chain, delivering sustainable 
results with our proven change-management approach. 
Project management: We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure the new 
and enhanced capabilities are fit-for-purpose and tailored to the context, maturity and requirements of their organisation.

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