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The mining and metals industry is facing an uncertain future as it looks to transform to meet demands of a decarbonized value chain, reduction in waste and meet a purpose that includes societal change. All this while the globe moves to increase electrification to curb greenhouse gas emissions, which is driving demand for metals that are used in the electrical supply network or within batteries for storage.

Questions are being asked of our industry:

  • Can supply keep up with demand
  • Can we meet increasing stakeholder scrutiny & expectations, particularly those next to our operations
  • What are the important ESG metrics that investors will base their investment decisions around
  • Governments increasing and tightening regulations and reporting requirements

With this uncertainty, the industry must look to build resilience and flexibility, and have an agile approach. These points are difficult as traditionally the industry has relied on stable and relatively clear forecasts due to the capital intensity involved in the investments needed.
Complexity is escalating. Resources are deeper, lower grade and more intricate. Provenance along the supply chain must be kept. ESG regulations and controls are more detailed and onerous. Access to finance is more demanding. Communities commanding a voice and wanting a seat at the table. Data is proliferating throughout the mining value chain. Geopolitical risks affecting supply of goods and varying the demand of consumers.

Deciding where to start to bring control and stability back to your business and operational sites can be complicated and confusing. It is not necessarily about inventing new processes, it is about being innovative with existing systems to deliver sustainable improvements, cost effectively.

At Datamine we are continually exploring ways to optimise the processes within the resources industry. We have both consulting and software expertise across the entire mining value chain and continue to grow our expertise to support our customers, enabling them to deliver on their promise.

For over 40 years Datamine has partnered with the resources industry, working together to deliver sustainable outcomes. Our customers span the globe, and they are serviced from our local offices in over 20 countries. Understanding our customer’s unique needs, and their specific challenges, has enabled us to support their success in every corner of the globe.

We are here to effect transformation, whilst demystifying ESG, to enable our industry to sustainably supply the world its mineral needs as it transitions to a regenerative future.

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