DDH1 Drilling: Setting the Standard in Deep Hole Multiple Intersection Directional Drilling DDH1 Drilling is a renowned provider of comprehensive core drilling services, with a distinct specialisation in deep hole multiple intersection directional drilling. With offices in Perth and Brisbane and premises in Kalgoorlie and Mt Isa, the company operates throughout Australia, delivering exceptional results in the mining industry. The company's expertise in directional core drilling is particularly notable, as it allows for the design and execution of complex multiple intersection holes with remarkable spatial accuracy. DDH1 Drilling has successfully completed projects involving over 35 intersections drilled from a single parent hole. This advanced drilling technique provides a solid foundation for mine engineering drilling, where directional drilling skills are utilised to accurately break into mine workings at significant depths. One of DDH1 Drilling's notable achievements is the drilling of inclined H-size cored electrical drop holes at the Sons of Gwalia Mine. These holes broke through at impressive depths of 1,338m and 1,450m, and were subsequently enlarged and cased to accommodate various operations such as paste backfill, electrical cable installation, and water pumping directly to the surface. In another project, the company successfully drilled two inclined water bores to intersect old shafts beneath Kalgoorlie's Super Pit. The holes were meticulously designed to avoid historic workings, and advanced drilling techniques were employed to achieve accurate intersections with the targets. DDH1 Drilling utilises their larger rigs, equipped with hands-free rod and casing handlers, to complete the hole opening and casing work for such demanding projects. Their mine engineering fleet includes the 180,000lb WEI 75S rig, which excels at shallow angle holes and is fitted with a 1000rpm core drilling rotation head. They also employ the 130,000lb Foremost Explorer and the highly regarded 100,000lb UDR5000, both of which contribute to their success in executing complex drilling projects. One of the key factors contributing to DDH1’s growth is their active participation in early-stage exploration. The company is committed to supporting exploration activities and has been instrumental in drilling discovery holes that have led to multi-rig programs, mine development, and extensive resource drilling campaigns. Their dedication to exploration has earned them contract opportunities spanning several years, allowing them to provide a complete range of drilling services. DDH1 Drilling's expertise in deep hole multiple intersection directional drilling, combined with their commitment to exploration and industry recognition, solidify their position as a leader in the mining drilling sector. 

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