Dendra Systems is an environmental technology company with the mission to create the tools needed to scale ecosystem restoration. We restore the world's native forests through a combination of data ecology, analytics and aerial seeding. Our vision is to marry ecosystem restoration, biodiversity quantification and carbon sequestration. By realising this vision, we aim to strengthen ecosystem resilience globally and pave the way for scalable nature-based solutions that successfully contribute to the world’s carbon goals.

Dendra Systems provides the critical environmental infrastructure to coordinate project stakeholders, drive targeted restoration interventions, and monitor project outcomes, all at scale. We enable site coordinators to better manage and maintain their land across a range of industries, whether it's through identifying weeds, native species, erosion, fauna populations and much more. Our data and tools have brought consistent governance and transparency to private companies and their environmental compliance obligations, and are now being deployed across environmental projects for national governments, putting our customers and partners on track for the journey towards 2030 goals.

We work with forward-thinking partners who want to make confident decisions for their lands and believe strongly in enabling the best conditions for ongoing stewardship of our natural world.

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